Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 18, 2013

Hello Everyone,
How have you been? I am doing great. The mission is doing very swell and I am loving every moment of it. Well this week looks like it will be a lot of work and things to do. I hope there is enough time to take in the Mexican culture and all before I leave. But I am excited for this week and it should be a great one. 
This past week went by very quickly and I am literally shocked to be in front of the computer screen again writing to you all about the past week. 
Well on Tuesday it was fun. We went on an interchange with the Zone leaders in Reynosa West, and it was funny because the Elders are called Elder Jensen and Elder Powell (yes another elder Powell) and the funny thing is is that we are both from Spokane, Washington as well and I am like 3 months older than him. Oh that day while we were contacting and working, it was funny because everyone thought that it was a joke or that we were in some ranking system in the church and that the name "Elder Powell" is like a rank like a bishop or father or priest in the church. Haha Yeah it was funny. But he is a good friend of mine; maybe he is a family member of mine. Who knows? But it was a good day with Elder Powell. 
Bowling...Mexican style
On Wednesday, it was a lot of business in the offices and then we had a pretty good moment in the lunch. Well it was my last lunch with Sister Alma Ochoa and it was kind of sad because she cooks soo well and she is a great sister and always pumped. She is a high spirited person and it has been a joy to work with her this time I have had here in San Jose. But we have been teaching this sister named Arizeli and Alma has been helping her out with giving testimony and stuff like that, and Arizeli has had this super hard decision to make at the end of this month. What happened is that she left her boyfriend in this other state when the whole family came. The family got to know the church here in Reynosa and got baptized just a little bit ago and she was the only one that didn’t because she has this super difficult work schedule and all. But returning to the time with Alma Ochoa in the food, we decided to do a fast with the sister to see if she would open her heart and stuff, it was definitely needed because we are on the clock because she is leaving November 28th. Ugh... 
Well the next day we had a lesson with Arizeli and it was pretty powerful. In the morning Elder Capiz and I had a good study session and learned about the charity. While we were reading about charity, something came to my mind about what to do. So at the lesson, we read Moroni7:44-47 with the family and afterward did this dynamic where we all gave a compliment to Arizeli. I started and told her that she is a great person and trying to do the best, and that she is a great example and all that. My companion was next and then after it was the family. Oh it was super spiritual! All the family members were just sharing how much they loved her and wanted her to stay with the family. They were all crying pretty much and it even got me teary eyed as well. But it didn’t end as well as we planned because she has a hard heart and pretty much told her family that they will be ok with her being away from home and family while she is looking for fake love. Well I stepped in because I have gotten a firm testimony of where the true love is. I told her that her boyfriend probably loves her, but the only people that love her the most and unconditionally is the family and that she is about to abandon the family for one that loves her conditionally. By the sounds of it, the guy doesn’t sound very great and she is a typical 19 year old girl. But I shared with her that I was exactly the same way. I told her that I have come to realize and I also regret that I didn’t spend that much time with the people that love me the most- my family. And that instead of playing baseball with my little brothers, I was better off going to the movies. Yes I love my friends, but I spent far too much time with them rather than with my family that loves me unconditionally. Arizeli was kind of pricked but still was hard in the heart, but I pray that she finally realizes that before it’s too late, like in my case where I finally realized that lesson in the mission and not before. Well I hope it’s not too late right ;) But maybe she will realize that before she lives, pray for her please! :)
I am very excited to see my family and be with them and I am grateful for them. I say family as well to all who are my dear friends and that have helped me to be here. I have an enormous family and I love you all very much. It’s going to be difficult balancing my American-Puerto Rican-Mexican family :) haha
Well that was the experience of the week and there were more, but better to tell you when I am home. 
Here´s to the last week of pure work, well it’s a lot of planning and meetings with the transfers coming up, but it should be a great one. A lot of activities and farewells. I am mixed up with the feelings but ever so pumped to serve. I love you all so much and have an amazing week! :)

Elder Justin Powell  


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