Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Transfer, Sr. Companion and District Leader all in one day!

Today was a big day for JD--a bittersweet day but a big one. Justin has a way of working his way into your heart and he does that with the families he meets in Mexico.  He is very sad to be leaving Rio Bravo and the people that he has grown to love.  He is also sad to be leaving his wonderful companion, Elder Pierce. However, after being in the mission 8 months, he has become a Sr. companion and a District Leader and is moving to a new town where he will use the love and compassion that he has to work and serve the people of Valle Hermoso. I'm so proud of this kid.  Please write him and keep him in your prayers.
Justin (representing the Mighty Utes) and his district on P-Day

Hello how is everyone!? I am doing great, today is transfers and I am going to get transferred to a town called Valle Hermoso and be district leader! I am pumped to have this opportunity and sad to be leaving this area... Its bittersweet to tell you the truth. I really dont know how to react but I am hoping that this new area is everything that I think it to be! Today I am packing everything and its a very busy day today. I am also sad to be leaving my buddy Elder Pierce! He has been a great companion, patient with me and very helpful. I learned a lot from him, and we had a lot of success together. 
Birthday Party for Sra. Gutierrez with her family
The members and I are very sad that we are breaking apart, but I know that the other companion will come in and continue the success. Its sooo weird to be leaving already because I feel like I just got here like a little bit ago, like these 3 months just flew right before my eyes!!! I am going to miss a lot of people like crazy from here, I am going to have too many second families here in Mexico if I keep changing at this rate, but the mission continues and its where they want me. I know that we will have a lot of success in this next area. Well I love you all and take care! Be safe and God bless each one of you. 

Elder Justin Powell

Dear Family,

Well How are you all doing!!! ??? Thnks for the help with the card stuff, hopefully that never happens again. But thanks for the emails and all. I will read them. Everything is going well, month and a half and comes the year!!! Can you believe that?? I Cant!!! But my comp is named Elder Manzanares from Cancun! We will probably talk all about the beach! hahah But I love you and I hope everything is going well!!

Love Elder Justin Powell


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