Sunday, November 24, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hola to everybody,
How have you all been?  I have been doing super good; just busy with a lot of things this past week. Let’s see where we begin haha
On Tuesday we had this sister training meeting. Well it’s to train the sisters in the mission to learn English and to work harder in the mission. So we came to the offices like at 630 AM to finish the training PowerPoint. What was funny is that now with Elder Ropp gone, I was the only American that was going to participate in the training meeting. So yeah it was pretty interesting because my English is seriously close to awful and I was battling a bit with talking and teaching the sisters their English. But it was fun, and then we taught about how we can be better missionaries with more success. We gave each of the sisters a little planner cover that reminds the sisters of their purpose here in the mission. 
Visiting a quarantined Elder
Well my mind is on another planet right now because we have so many things to do but I will tell you all of one thing that happened yesterday. We had a mission devotional last night where we invited all of the x missionaries to share their experiences and it was super good! There were like 80 people that showed up. This one sister had her tape player and put on a recording of a day in the mission. She held it up to the microphone and it was very spiritual! She was crying while it was playing and she shared a great testimony. Afterward, many other brothers and sisters that are dear friends of mine shared their testimonies and it was very neat because there were PowerPoints and stuff like that. I almost cried because of how much I am going to miss the mission. I will definitely miss it because it is a great experience. Afterward we showed a video and it’s the new hasten the work of salvation videos and it’s called "I´ll go where you want me to go". I invite you all to watch it because it is super good and it can help a lot to sharing the gospel with people. But we asked for referrals last night from everyone and we received 50!! So we have a ton of work to do!!!!! :)
Well I love the mission, even though it is quickly coming to an end, I hope that you all that are able to serve, go because it is the best experience and you can definitely receive much life guidance. It will help you to be a better you. 
Eating American food at Carl's Jr.
I love you all and see you soon, I will write more next week because we will have more times :)

Elder Justin Powell


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