Thursday, November 24, 2011

Elder Powell's first e-mailed letter

I know that this is quick, but we got an e-mailed letter from Elder Powell today and so I thought I'd post it as it is addressed and written to not only his family but his friends also.  Please remember that there is an option to make comments so please feel free.  Justin will get to read them all at the end of his mission. 
Hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving and please remember that gratitude expressed in action is service. We are all blessed in incredible ways so let's show that we know it by taking time to truly love and serve the people around us.  Much peace and love to you all.  

On to the letter...

Hola Familia y Amigos! Happy Thanksgiving!

How are all of you doing? Still doing well?
Well I can say that this is such a good place to be at right now. It’s actually not a hard place to be. It’s very different from the outside world, but I am now getting in the hang of things around here and feeling more comfortable. You get so busy here that you rarely have time to even just read the scriptures to yourself and do those small things. I wish I had more time to do that, but I'm pretty sure they keep you that busy because they don't want you to think about home and all the things you could be doing outside of the mission. I haven't really had a problem with getting home sick or a lot of those things. I miss my music though and mi familia and amigos! But 2 years is seriously going to fly by and I'll be home in no time! Here at the MTC, days are like weeks and weeks are like days. I really do feel like I just got here, but I've been here for just a week. I love it here though and it’s becoming home for me now.

I've switched districts pretty much on my second day. The first district I was with were all beginners in Spanish and I knew all the answers to the teacher's questions, so they moved me to Intermediate Spanish (New district, I had to re-pack my luggage and move to a new building, new companion, etc..) It was an interesting change, but I love my new district! My companion is awesome and likes to study and we both work well together because when we talk with our investigators, I am more of the "get to know you" and more of the counselor type and my companion is more of the teacher type. It’s like a 1-2 punch! I'm still learning very much and it is going to be crazy how much knowledge I am going to have when I get out into Mexico. To all of you people thinking about a mission: The MTC is seriously not very challenging and you will adapt quickly! The MTC is whatever you make of it. It can be the easiest place, or the hardest place to be. It's whatever attitude you have. I love this place though and I know anyone could love it too!

Elder Christofferson of the twelve came on Tuesday and it was an awesome devotional! He taught the very same principle that I embrace when I teach people here, "Teach out of love and for the other person, and not because "it's your job" and for yourself." 2 years is dedicated to just people, and the service doesn't stop! And it doesn't just start from the time you enter an MTC as well. So serve your fellow man and out of love, because the blessings will return to you! 

Well my time is up... I love you all and take care! My Prep Days are every Thursday, so expect emails then. I also love letters/packages so don't be shy! Haha Take care everyone and you all are the best! 

-Elder Powell 


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