Thursday, December 1, 2011

New letter from Justin--1 December 2011

Well, it’s P-Day again and here is another letter from Elder Powell that arrived in my e-mail.  I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I did—he sounds like he’s progressing and learning and growing. In spite of some feelings of inadequacy that he had, he sought out advice and perspective from a great source and continues forward with a humble and excellent attitude. Please remember—especially those of you that have not been on a mission—letters and packages are wonderful highlights and Justin would love to hear from you, especially during the holiday season.  Please take a few minutes of your time to put together a letter or a care package to let him know that he is thought of and loved.  Peace and happiness to you all.

Hola Familia y Amigos!
How are all of you?? I'm doing very well! This place is still great and I'm learning so much! I am getting very good at the spanish and doing solid on my studies! We have to teach investigators at the MTC already (except they're teachers) and we have 3 each companionship. They're pretty difficult to teach sometimes because they portray investigators from they're missions, but it's an awesome learning experience. I wish I had a lot more time for studying for investigators because we barely have no time! We have classes for like 9 hours a day and we have gym everyday for 50 minutes. :) We get plenty of time to eat though which is good. The food here is still way good! And the better thing is that I haven't gained weight! The bad thing about dinner time and stuff is that we all have to binge eat because we eat at around 5:15 each day and we get so hungry by the time we get personal time at 9:30. Personal time is pretty great here too because its pretty relaxing and it is so crazy how exhausted you get at the MTC. No one likes to go to bed late because we value our 8 hours of sleep. Sometimes its very difficult to stay very awake in class because of how tired we get. It is good work though and I'm glad to be a part of it. 
The MTC is a great place to be and it is very spiritual. My testimony is growing stronger and I'm doing much better. I just can't wait to get out into Monterrey, Mexico to start teaching! I talked to my Branch President Tyler, (who by the way reminds me of Gramps, he is an amazing person!) about some of the problems I've been also having here at the MTC. Because for awhile, I have been struggling with my teaching skills because of scenarios where a family is happy in another religion and then I don't know how to convert from that point on because my main goal is to just love and serve all who I come in contact with. President Tyler told me that in the MTC, "they will pound gospel doctrine into you until you become sick!" And that is pretty true, for my case, that I am getting overwhelmingly pounded with gospel doctrine, but I am very appreciative for the opportunity to learn about this Gospel. It's just there are not enough times to serve people here and that is where I feel the spirit the most. I feel the spirit the most in the actions and through the appreciation of the person or people I help. Not as much when I read an amazing scripture or when I do a daily prayer. I thought I was a weird specimen of Missionary, but President Tyler told me "that I am a rare type, but the ideal missionary. That the spirit will just radiate off of me, and that he knows that I will bless many on my mission." That was very uplifting and my confidence is amped up again. I thought I was weird and having feelings and questions about whether I was really in the right place or not, but President Tyler probably didn't think that his comments would help and strengthen my mission a ton, but it did. So to everyone, I challenge all of you to just compliment anyone you come in contact with and just think about nice things to say to people because you never know how much your compliment can mean to someone else. 
Gosh I'm almost out of time already!!!! :(
Well today is P-Day and we're going to the Temple for the first time since we've been here, and then we have the whole day to just take care or personal things (laundry, haircuts, etc.). It will be such a relaxing day and a good time to write letters. And yesterday was the 2 week mark of since I've been here! Its crazy how time is just flying so quick here. It feels like I got here like a week ago, but its already been 2 weeks!!! 
Oh and Brother Yumoshita of the Seventy and his wife came to talk with us in a devotional Tuesday night. It was a pretty cool experience because they just moved here like 4 months ago from Japan (I believe?) and their english was rough, but I totally understood their talks because of the spirit they had and their message was excellent. 
Well I have to be going now, but I love you all and take care! Missionary work isn't only for the signed up missionaries, EVERYONE has the ability to serve your fellow man. So do so with love and charity, because it will bless you in return. Thank you all for the support and I would love to hear from you in letters and etc. See you all in no time!
-Elder Justin Powell


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