Thursday, January 5, 2012

The end is nearing for Elder Powell at the MTC

We’re down to the final week and a half for Justin in the MTC. Very soon (the 16th) he will be flying out, hopefully to Mexico, but I guess that remains up in the air. His letter home this week is short and I am assuming that this means that he is busy doing good things and learning lots.
Thanks to all of you that continue to write Justin and to those that sent him care packages over the holidays.  I know that he appreciates every single letter and gesture of love and care and I appreciate you all taking great care of my son.
Happy New Year to all of you and may this year bring you all the very best of love, health, happiness and a more keen awareness of the opportunities to serve those most in need who exist all around us. Peace and much love.

Hola familia y amigos! How are you all doing? Well I don't have very much time and there wasn't a whole lot of stuff that I learned this week but this week is pretty good so far. New Years was very fun because we stayed in bed until midnight and then got up and had a toast with apple cider. And then some elders had poppers, streamers and all that stuff and messed up the halls. It was a fun time and we made the best out of the holidays without stepping too far out of the bounds of our rules. Haha.
Well I'm out of here in about a week and a half! Well let's hope because I still haven't received my visa... but I hope I get it soon! If I don't get it on time, then I will be reassigned to a temporary mission. Hopefully I get my visa so I can just leave for the real mission field.
So WWIII about to happen?? It's so crazy how oblivious we are in the MTC!! It seriously feels like it's an isolated world on the world itself. And then we hear these little news stories about the outside world and the craziest thing I've heard is that Russia, Iran, and China vs. USA, Israel, and a bunch of other countries!!! What the heck?? That's crazy that all this is going on right now, if it's true!
Well I'm sorry my email is pretty short but today is a busy day. I love you all and I wish you all the best in all that you do! Take care! I'm thinking about you all everyday and I hope you all have the best New Year! Please keep in touch and I really love all of your letters! If I don't get back to you on time, I'm sorry because I'm so busy all the time! We’ll see you in now almost 22 months! Haha


Elder Powell


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