Friday, February 24, 2012

First letter home in Spanish

I’m very sorry that I’ve been a slacker in posting Justin’s letters these past two weeks.  I promise to do a better job in the future.
In this letter, Justin includes a note to his family that he wrote in Spanish and I’m posting it here to show just how well this youngster is doing in learning (or re-learning, as is the case) the language.  I’m very proud of him for putting in the work. 
It’s also great news that he’s been moved from the “front lines”, as it were, and is now in Monterrey.  I’m going to certainly rest much better now.
On to the letter…

Well Hello Everyone! How is everyone doing!? Well I’m doing pretty good! I´m in Monterrey right now and things are going very good! I´m in a new area called Lomas De Pedregal, Apadoca, Monterrey now with my new companion Elder Perkes! This place is right in the city and not like 4 hours away like Matamoros. I changed because of my breathing condition that I picked up in Matamoros near the sea. Well I went to 2 doctors now and both have a different theory and so now the mission president moved me because there is a hospital here with a lung specialist and I have an appointment with him tomorrow in downtown, Monterrey. Well I love my new area! Things are going very well here! My companion and I have so much in common and he´s from Logan, Utah. He´s been here for 1 year and a half and he´s been so helpful to me and a great example of a great hard working missionary! I have learned much more last week than during all the rest of my mission. I miss a lot of families in the Matamoros area though... There were a lot of great people over there. But this area is great and my confidence is a lot higher here—more than ever. And things are a lot calmer here as well! So don´t worry about safety and such. One thing that President Walker said that I will always remember is that he promised that nothing will happen if we are 100% obedient to the rules and with 100% diligence. He said nothing dangerous will happen to us and those were very powerful words and I really like what he said. Very assuring words and there are so many great people here. And the food is awesome! Oh and right now I can say that I am fluent in Spanish. Just some words, but I can converse with anyone now and understand completely. Well work is great, no baptisms yet but we have many on the way and so many investigators! So many loving people here and they are an awesome example to me. Well the weather has been cold as well and lots of rain! But things are great and I love you all! Please keep in touch and wow does time fly! Crazy how that happens! Congratulations Justin Basset on your mission call to McAllen, Texas! I have 2 great friends there that I met in the MTC. Great mission! Love you man and keep in touch! Take care and much love!

Elder Justin Powell

Hola Familia, ¿Como están ustedes? Yo estoy muy bien y me encanta mí nuevo área también. ¡Espero que ustedes estén muy bien! Gracias por los emails también, Suena que ustedes están muy bien y Papi, ¡tú necesitas tener cuidado también con su motocicleta! jajá. Pues mi nueva área es en la ciudad ahora y más cerca del hospital. Presidente Walker quería que yo estoy cerca del hospital para hacer examines y esas cosas. No se preocupe mucho sobre mis problemas con mi respiración porque yo estoy en manos buenas ahora con un hospital de los estados unidos. Yo estoy muy bien con las cosas yo tengo y gracias por la ayuda con mi carro. Yo espero que él puede pagar pronto porque él dijo que el va a pagar cuando enero termine. Y esta ciudad es muy bonita. ¡Me encantan todos los edificios y las montañas también! La comida es muy buena, pero yo tengo problemas en el baño ahora. Jajá Este pasa mucho. Jajá. Pues, cuidase mucho y gracias por recibir ese llamado de la Hermana Sandra. Ella quería que ustedes no preocupen mucho sobre las ballezeras y malas cosas porque solamente es entre la mala gente. Tenemos el espíritu guiando a nosotros y ese ayuda nosotros mucho. Gracias por su amor y ¡cuídense bastante!
(Translation)  Hello Family, how are you?  I am very well and I love my new area.  I hope that all of you are doing great! Thank you for the e-mails—it sounds like you are all great and Dad, you need to be careful on your motorcycle.  Haha! Well, my new area is in the city now and much closer to the hospital.  President Walker wanted  that I were close to the hospital so that I could go to my appointments and such.  Don’t worry now about my health problems in my lungs because now I’m in good hands with a U.S. hospital so close. I am doing really well and thanks for the help with my car. I hope that he can pay soon because he said that he would have it all paid off by the end of January.
This city is beautiful! I love all of the buildings and also the mountains.  The food is delicious but now I am having some issues with my stomach—Haha!  I guess this isn’t uncommon—Haha! Well, take care of yourselves and thank you for receiving  that phone call from Sister Sandra.  She wanted that none of you worry too much about the gun fights and other bad things because it was only happening between people involved in the drug wars.  We have the guidance of the Holy Spirit and this helps us a lot.  Thank you for your love and please take good care of yourselves.


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