Friday, February 24, 2012

Justin's first baptism

And here is this week’s letter.  Justin has performed his first baptism and is doing great.  He is working hard and staying very busy and appears to be being obedient.  I’m so proud of this kid and can’t wait for his further adventures.  Please keep the letters going to him—I know that I ask this all the time, but it is a very nice boost to hear from home and I know that Justin would love all the letters that he can get.  Let’s take a moment from our busy lives and send him some love in letter form. 
Peace and love in your lives.

Hola Familia y Amigos,
How are you all doing? Well I am doing fantastic! I love my area and our investigators are great! And the people here are so great! The members are very good members who really want to serve just like us. Well I had my very first baptism yesterday! I was sooo excited! Her name is Josefina and she is a mother to a daughter who is a recent convert. It was such a spiritual experience because she is so shy and, but all the members in the ward were so welcoming and friendly to her as she entered into the ward family. And that´s the thing that I love about our ward here is that it is one big family and whoever enters into this family, is welcomed very warmly. So it is much easier to invite members to lessons with our investigators and the thing is, is that it’s not awkward between the investigator and the member. They become friends right away. Well Josefina is very excited to start being a member of this wonderful church and now she wants to continue and reach the temple. As missionaries, we are taught that our main goal is that all new converts can reach the temple, that our work with the investigators or new converts doesn´t stop at the moment when they are baptized. We must continue to push them until they reach the temple and become very firm members in this church. That’s why we teach so much about the family history to the investigators now. So Josefina now has her daughter and husband as members and now we are working with her other daughter and her boyfriend. They want to be baptized, but they need to married first. That is our challenge with them. We have another investigator named Brenda who is great! We contacted her briefly on the restoration, and she accepted a baptismal date for this coming Sunday. Our next appointment with her was very special because she was telling us that all about the beginning of the Book of Mormon and the history of the church, more information than what my companion and I know. She was pretty much teaching us some facts for a while! Haha. But I asked her yesterday if she’s ready for her baptism after she watched Josefina's, and she said that she is more than ready! Very strong member she will be. I´m excited for her and afterward, we will be working with her very large family who have some interest but first want to see Brenda´s change. Well I don´t have much time but I love you all sooo much and I miss you like crazy! But the time definitely flies on the mission! I have countless stories to tell you all when I get home! I wish I could have time to write them all, but a time will come when I will be home and then can tell you all my stories. Very special mission that I am in and I am grateful to be here. Yes it is hot here, but the people here are amazing. And the food is great as well!! Haha Keep in touch everyone! Love you all!

Elder Justin Powell


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