Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 7 2012--2 Type A's = companionship issues?

Hello how are you all doing? Well I am doing pretty well! Just pushing through another quick week. This week was a super hard week! I am not going to lie. It was like everything just kind of fell through. But that’s okay. There are weeks like these and all we have to do is push through onto the next week. We had a lot going on like zone conference and all. We also had a baptism this Saturday! It was pretty exciting! There were some funny memories this week, and also some very cool experiences. One of our investigators, Maria, was kind of having a hard time in deciding if she should be baptized or not, because her husband went to the United States to work and all. And then she was talking with her husband on the telephone and was asking what she should do. And the husband said to pray and ask. Well she prayed and asked and she got a prompting to open the bible randomly and read a scripture, well she got her answer opening to Philippians (I think that’s the spelling) 4:9. Wow I read it and couldn’t believe it. Please read it because it shocked me entirely! Haha Well there are things like that that happen in the mission and I try to write down all the experiences. Well I haven`t really said anything about my companion, haha, his name is Elder Santiago from Lima, Peru. He has been here in the mission for 1 year and 8 months. He`s about done. And he works hard, but he is always right (like me. haha) We're both pretty stubborn and it has been a trial a lot of the times, but it is a learning experience of patience. There have been times of complete verbal fights with us, but little by little I am learning to gain more patience for my companion. I am working hard on getting better with that because I am stubborn haha. But I am sorry if this wasn`t the most spiritually filled letter in the world. But to let you all know that I am ok and the mission is tough, but it is good work. I`ve never enjoyed sleep so much in my life! Haha. We do have to go to bed at 1030 at night, and you would think that we would want to stay up and talk. But the truth is that I love to sleep now! Haha Whoever stays up is crazy on the mission haha. The weather now is like 85% humidity, 90 degrees and this week it looks like it will reach 115 degrees. It should be fun work! Haha Take care, I love you all!

Elder Justin Powell


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