Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Justin needs our help!!

All right, guys and gals, here is the letter that I received from Justin on Monday.  I’m even posting the part that he wrote to his family.  Justin called for Mother’s Day and he spent nearly an hour talking to me about the issues that he’s facing.  He is having a difficult time getting along with his current companion.  As you know, Justin wasn’t raised “in the church” and he went on his mission intent on serving the people of Mexico. He’s a bit disheartened that it is a lot about numbers and statistics but I think that he is just down and so everything else is suffering as a result. is where all of you--his friends and family--come in.  It's time to rise up and support your friend and help him by lifting him as only his peers and family can.  He needs you and so I'm here requesting that you take some minutes this week and write him.  Let's "blow up" his e-mail and snail mail boxes.  Let's overwhelm him in love and care and support.  Can I count on you? I know that we're all busy, but let's show him that we love him and that he isn't forgotten.  You have my gratitude and appreciation and I wish you all the very best in return as you send out the very best of yourselves--Dan
Now, on to the letter....

Well Hello Everyone,
Another week has already passed and this week I will complete 6 months in the mission! I`m pretty stoked but then again, it kind of feels pretty crappy that I still have a year and a half left. Haha. Well this week was alright, not the best week ever. Mexico is starting to get super hot now and every morning I get more tired and tired. Oh and happy mother`s day to all you mothers out there! I love you all! And I hope everything is going well for every one of you. I`m sorry my letter is pretty short. This week was pretty un-interesting and pretty bad. But just keep pushing on through right? Let`s hope it gets better. Well I love you all and don`t worry too much about me, I`m sorry I am writing a bad letter this week but weeks like this happen and I guess it`s a time to learn and progress. I love you all and take care
Elder Powell

Hello Family! How are you all doing? Well it was a pleasure to talk to you all yesterday! (I`m sorry mom that our phone call got cut... I will try to call you sometime this week ok?) Most likely on Friday night. And thanks a lot for all your support, you all sound great and I enjoyed very much talking to you all. I`m sorry this letter is super short. It`s just I feel pretty down today, I miss you all a ton and I don`t want you all to worry about me too much. It`s just I don`t want to give up because I don`t give up commitments that I start. And then again, I don`t want to disappoint because I know that I am setting an example for everyone (Brothers and young men in the ward), and I would hate to give up for them. But that is what is holding me here. So I will try to fight more and I will try to get to the point where I can like this mission and enjoy it. But I love you all and don`t worry too much about me. I miss you all and I am sorry that this letter home completely sucks but this week was the worst week probably on the mission, or something close. So take care and I love you all. Be safe. 
Elder Powell


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