Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 13--one more stint in Rio Bravo with Elder Pierce

Once again, I have been less than prompt in posting the last two letters and I’m very sorry. Life takes over and before I know it, too much time has passed.
Justin sounds great! Every Monday, I wait for his e-mail to arrive—always before noon-ish.  This week, it didn’t come and at 4 pm, I was still anxiously waiting.  The second it hit my phone, at a little after 4, I immediately replied and this began an impromptu chat that lasted about a half hour.  It was sooooo good to be able to get a live update and he was in such great spirits. He thanks everyone for their love and support and sends his very best wishes to all.  He also said that he loves getting letters and loves hearing news from home about all the things he misses—sports, friends, family events, etc. So, with that in mind, let’s all keep up the great work. If you haven’t written lately, he’s already almost half way finished—don’t wait too long.
As always, I remain grateful and indebted to you all for the support and love that you give to my son. You are all amazing and, as always, love and peace in your lives.

Justin and Elder Pierce

Hellos to all!

Well transfers came in and I get to stay with Elder Pierce for more time! I am sooo glad because this area is awesome! We have had soo much success! They sent us here with much expectations and everyone said it was bad here... But it is not bad at all! The branch members are awesome and we just keep working together to help the others come to the church. Well this week was pretty good! Alvaro and Claide got married on Friday and Alvaro was baptized this Sunday. And then the Branch is throwing this wedding party tomorrow for them! It will be fun and I am soo glad for them! Alvaro was pretty happy and he is shy and all, but he is getting to be more open. He shows us magic tricks and all. Photos on the way. 
Well Elder Pierce is a pretty awesome, companion that loves to be happy. He and I work great together! He is senior comp, but he is not demanding or anything like that. He lets me lead too which is awesome because I do love to lead! Haha. You all probably know that. But I am probably gone from here in six weeks, again! I don’t think a missionary has ever had 4 areas, more than 4 comps before he reached the year mark! But the President really likes to change things up just to keep everyone working hard, because areas do die because of the same missionary for a while, and so I am glad I get to have those changes to keep me going hard in the mission. Well this week is the baptism of Natalie, she is an 18 year old with a baby and her husband is a member but less active. They came to church yesterday; he came for the first time in 6 years! He got advanced to priest in the priesthood to be able to baptize his wife this Saturday! That made me super thrilled! I was glad for them. And this week we have an activity directed at the families of the youth in the ward. There are a TON of youth that come to church without their families; a lot of them aren’t members. But we want them to come to an activity where they learn what their kids are doing in the church and what they are learning. So they are going to come and learn from their own kids in 5 stations or rooms about a theme in the strength of youth pamphlet. Because there are a ton of parents that think the church is bad for their kids, but it is indeed a refuge for them from all the bad in this world, especially the bad influence here for the youth. So I am glad to be a help for these youth in the branch and the youth that are investigating the church, it is a joy to help them with a better future.
Well I am up on time; I hope I get the package today! Maybe I will... I love you and take care! Be safe as well! 

Elder Justin Powell


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