Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 6, 2012

Here is Justin’s letter from the 6th—it sounds like he’s doing so well! I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Hola familia y amigos! How are you all doing?? I am doing pretty good! How is everyone enjoying the Olympics? Well obviously it has been hard to not be able to watch them, but we always hear the news about them and I heard that it is a tight race for the states huh? And Usain Bolt broke the record again?? Wow!! Well good luck United States and always Puerto Rico! Haha Well this week was very good! We worked super dang hard in the heat this week. We found a lot of people this week to teach and all. Hopefully they progress more and more. But we planned this activity for families of the youth to come and see what their kids learn and all. It will be pretty cool; tomorrow we will have a video shoot to put the video on DVDs so that they can take them to their parents as invites to this activity. The problem is that there are a lot of youth that come to church by themselves and don’t want much with the church. Well now we want to do an activity directly for these families where it is meant for them and the video invites are going to be like those ¨¨I am a Mormon¨¨ videos. It should be pretty fun, the Gutierrez family is helping us a ton with this activity. And once again, I am a wedding planner with my comp Elder Pierce. One of our investigators is not married, he was supposed to get baptized with his 2 kids, but didn’t because we found out that he wasn’t married to his wife (that is a member). SO they will be getting married this week, and then Saturday the baptism, and then the wedding party afterward. Well it should be an adventure this week, a lot to do! And transfers are coming up once again. I hope they don’t ship me off again because I wanna stay here! We will see what happens. I have loved my last 2 areas; maybe my 4th area will be neat as well, who knows? And today, we will be playing soccer like every Monday at 4. We went and washed clothes, shopped for food. I promise I am eating! It’s just we eat once a day. In the morning is cereal or eggs, at 2 PM is like a dinner or big lunch. And then that’s it. But we are eating!   Well I have lost weight, quite a bit, but I will try to eat more! Haha Well I love you all! This week will be Natalie´s and Alvaro´s baptism. Natalie is this 18 year old that is married to an inactive member. She loves the church! And Alvaro is the unmarried man who will be baptized this Saturday. It will be good! 

Alvaro Jr., Julissa, and Elder Pierce

Baptism Pictures of Alvaro Jr. and Julissa (the kids of Alvaro Sr.). Julissa was super scared and didn’t want to be baptized but her mom got her to do it. And she did very well, just isn´t that into pictures. Well that is about it for last week, but this week will be crazy! I love you all and be safe! Take care and write lots! Now I get letters in 3 days! Send them to the PO Box in Texas! 
Elder Justin Powell


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