Wednesday, October 24, 2012

24 October 12

Hello everyone, 
How is everyone doing? I am doing pretty well. I am now losing my English pretty bad because I never speak it anymore. I am the only American in my whole zone and no one really knows English and so I am stuck with the Spanish. The funny thing that is happening is that I don’t know some words in Spanish still, but I forget the words in English, and so technically I don’t know how to speak perfectly in the two languages! It kind of blows but it’s a process I need to work out. 
This past week was very good! We had a lot of work to do! Oh and sorry I didn’t write yesterday, I was in a zone conference and so our pday is today now. Well yesterday in the zone conference we learned a ton. 3 guests accompanied President Walker and Hermana Walker. 2 from the department of security of the church and 1 from the church mission department. We learned many methods in being safer and smarter about where we go and what we do. The training pretty much led to one thing, being very obedient and nothing bad will happen. Pretty interesting training and very helpful. He gave us statistics of missionaries in the world, when something bad happens to a missionary, they investigate and all of the cases have something in common, they broke the rules severely to getting hurt. So it really surprised me and I am going to keep being as obedient as I can because God really does protect the missionaries that obey. And then for the past 5 months we have been a Guinea pig mission with trying a new system of work that the apostle Elder Bednar created: no contacting in the street like knocking on doors and all that stuff, just references from members, and we looked at the statistics of our work and we were the best mission with results in all of Latin America! So now all of Mexico and several other missions are using this new system. It was very cool. 

Baptism of Ernesto in Valle Hermoso

On Sunday we had the baptism of Ernesto, he is the husband of a recent convert and he was so excited to be baptized and we have been really animating Ernesto and his wife Maria to go to the temple this coming December. They are super excited and it was a thrill to see Ernesto be baptized. Now this week are two teens in this part member family that will be baptized this Sunday and a couple as well that we`ve been teaching for a while. The teens are named Alicia and Angel, and the old couple are named Juan and Maria. They are all pretty excited, they all love church and it will be a neat experience. Well I love you all and I hope that everything is going well for all of you! Take care and God bless.

Elder Justin Powell

Hola Familia,
¿Como están? Estoy muy bien aquí en Valle Hermoso. No se preocupen por el paquete, va a llegar como quiera. Jaja La temperatura ha subido mucho en esos días, no voy a necesitar los suéteres todavía. Pero, la conferencia fue muy buena, me siento viejito ahora porque hay muchos misioneros ahora con menos tiempo que yo. Espero que la escuela esté yendo bien por todos ustedes. Les amo y quiero mucho y les extraño bastante. Están creciendo demasiado rápido y ¡necesitan parar! jaja. Cuidasen mucho y que dios les bendiga.

Elder Justin Powell

Pdt- No hay nada mexicana aquí en Valle Hermoso y van a necesitar esperar hasta cuando me cambian para enviar cosas chéveres de México. Mil disculpes pero espero que si pueden entender. Yo creo que va a ser un regalo después de Navidad... ¡Que tengan mucho exito!


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