Sunday, January 6, 2013

October 29, 2012

Holas to all of you! How is everyone doing?? I am doing fine in Valle Hermoso! Now the temperature has dropped quite a bit! Now it’s like cloudy 50 degree weather here in Valle Hermoso that started on Friday. My companion is all bundled up in his coat and all and I am in short sleeves, well actually the whole town is all bundled up and I believe I am the only one that has short sleeves still. It’s probably the most perfect weather to be riding bike and going to appointments and stuff. Good weather. 
Yesterday was Alicia and Angel`s baptism, it was a success! The only problem was the process of filling the baptismal font because now we needed to turn on the boiler, but there was a problem and so we couldn`t turn it on. Luckily the water came out luke-warm so that they didn’t die of hypothermia! Haha but everything went very well in the baptism, they were very happy!
Baptism of Angel and Alicia

Now this next Sunday is a older couple named Juan and Maria that have gone to church several times and they had a bunch of problems like a separation, but now they are fixing those problems, applying the gospel and all. It’s been a miracle seeing them fix their problems and now they are very ready to take this next step of baptism in their lives. I am excited for them and I am excited for a new convert of ours that his wife was baptized a month and a half ago, because they are going to the temple in a couple of weeks. I am super stoked for them because they have had a while getting to know the church, a bit of trials, but now they will go to the temple, and then in November 2013 they will get sealed in the temple. The members have been helping a lot with them and the other investigators. It’s a ward that hasn`t had much success lately but now they are super ready to work and we are working hard with them. 
Well everything goes well, nearing to a year in the mission! I cannot believe how fast the time goes by! But I still have the desire to keep working hard! I hope all of you are doing awesome, I love you very much! Take care
Elder Justin Powell 


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