Friday, June 1, 2012

A much better couple of weeks for JD

Here is JD's latest letter and he sounds so much better.  I'm sure that it's a combination of a lot of things--not the least of which were the letters that you all sent.  That being the case, I owe you all a heartfelt thank you for helping me to take care of my boy.  Your friendship is priceless and I hope that you will continue to support this youngster for the next 17 months.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  You all deserve the good kharma that is surely coming your way.

Hello Powell Family and Amigos,
How are you all doing? Well I am doing pretty well, now I am already almost to the 7 month mark of the mission already! The mission continues, it is now looking a ton better as far as feeling to love the work and all. We finally had a baptism yesterday with a lady named Maria Guadalupe. She lives here with her 2 daughters and her husband works in Texas. It was a lot of work to see her baptized and a lot of dedication on her part, and boy, did the trials come for her. But also the miracles came for her as well. Well 6 weeks ago, the husband, Edgar, and Maria had their baptism date and were really ready to take this step. But then he received a call from a friend that work opened up in Texas and he left... That was sooo heart breaking because Maria was so discouraged. Well she has been distressed because a lot has been going on with her and the daughters, just very busy. Well we had the baptismal date finally put two weeks ago for yesterday. And she told us that she had a dream of the book of Mormon, that she received protection and all. It was very spiritual to hear her stories and all about miracles happening. Well then we received one more miracle, she didn’t want to be baptized without her husband present, she told us this on Thursday. Well we were discouraged because it wouldn`t happen. But the next day we went, and we received a phone call saying that her husband was coming to visit and will be here for the baptism to see her be baptized! We were completely shell shocked! It was so awesome to see her baptized and all! A great experience and photos are coming! Haha Well this week was good. On Thursday, it was 115 degrees! Almost died! hahaha no the thing is that its dry and its super hot but the funny thing is that we don`t sweat a whole ton, it`s just uncomfortable. It`s when it`s humid, it’s horrible! Well I love you all, still haven`t received the package yet, but don`t worry it`s coming. Probably a month longer and I shall have it! Haha I love you all and take care! Be safe and I pray for you all always! Good luck in everything and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet 16 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Already 18! WOW! Don`t get married until I get home! Or better, go on a mission! Hahaha I love you all!

Elder Powell


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