Friday, June 1, 2012

Pics from Monterrey (and a couple from Provo)

I got a bunch of pics from a lady in Justin's mission and I'm not going to post all of them.  I've picked out a few that I liked but she sent me 200+ so I don't want to overwhelm the blogosphere.  There are a couple that JD has attached to his latest e-mail also.  Of course, I don't know all of the characters so we'll all have to wait until JD gets home (if you're that curious) to identify them.  Anyway, hope you enjoy seeing him as much as I did.  Peace.

Easily my favorite pic of the bunch--JD and college football's very best coach, Coach Witt. I think only Jesus, Peyton Manning or Derek Jeter could have topped Coach Witt.  By the way, the Jesus thing was just a joke, for all of the sensitive folks out there. LOL!

JD and another missionary at transfers.

Seriously, I don't even know where to begin with this cute pose...

JD and a group of youth from his ward in Monterrey.

JD has never, ever, EVER eaten seafood of any kind and now he's mangian on shrimp and who knows what else.  What's next, Justin--sushi?

Fancy a tango?

JD's first baptism.

Same girl, different ordinance.

Justin moves through his first transfers.

A tour of the typical missionary apartment--spartan, even by Justin's standards.  First is his perfectly made bed.

Here is his study area/kitchen table/living room.

Oh and what a lovely and fresh bathroom. Very nice.

First look at the fridge.  A mini, right?  About 3' tall, tops?  How tall does that make the sink then?  Wow--a kitchen for little people.

And finally, where all the culinary magic happens on the uni-burner, the waffle iron and the blender.

JD and his (and mine, as of late) very good friend, Alexis.

Justin and his....uhhh...mission president? And the...Mrs?  Are they even older than JD? Good lord, they're making them younger and younger all the time.

JD is happy to finally arrive at the mission home.

And now it's on.  All business.

JD at the Monterrey Temple.

This is Juan and Paloma--the young couple that Justin helped so much in their happy wedding plans, etc. Well, one of them looks happy, anyway. 

The wedding of Juan and Paloma.

Justin's latest baptism.

Holy sunburn Batman.  I've been this kid's dad for 20 years and I had no idea he could turn this color. Yikes!This is the 6 month "Burning of the tie" ceremony.  Missionaries are always coming up with stuff to burn to mark the time.

JD and a group of assistant tracters.

JD and Alexis, horsing around.

Getting ready for chow.

Justin and an investigator--Paloma, I think.

Justin's boss/YM Pres/good friend Aaron Peterson at the airport before flying to Mexico, eating one last American meal.

JD and his first companion and Paloma.

JD doing what he does best--goofing off with the youth and having fun.

More of the same.

Don't have any idea what or where this is, but JD is in it.

Another pic of JD's first baptism.  I think her name was Josefina.

Keeping it safe at the MTC.

Members of JD's ward in Monterrey.

Monterrey Temple

View of Monterrey from the window of the train.

Monterrey, not taken by JD.  In fact, I don't know why it is in here, but enjoy.

More Monterrey from the train.

Acting  studly at the MTC.

Dude, there is no time when the rivalry is not on. Go Utes!

Juan and Paloma with their wedding date, March 8.

Honestly, the stache plays.  Makes him look even more Puerto Rican.

Monterrey from JD's apartment. 

First transfers.


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