Friday, June 15, 2012

Wonderful life lessons being learned

I love this letter.  I love it because it makes me so happy to read that Justin is learning a lesson that will benefit him throughout his life.  He is learning that our happiness and our optimism need not depend, nor should they depend, on any external force or circumstance.  Our lives are often pummeled with difficult situations but how we face them and the attitude that we adopt in the face of them makes us who we truly are. True happiness and well being are generated inside of us and then radiate outwards and I'm so proud of Justin for learning this über-valuable lesson. These life lessons are the ones that money can’t pay for and that life will teach us, if we are paying attention, as Justin obviously is.
Please continue writing him.  I’m so grateful for all of you that take time out of your schedules to support this son of mine. That, also, is something that money cannot buy and I’m deeply in your debt. Peace and love.

Well another week already flown by, how is everyone doing?? I am doing pretty well! The heat is on the rise here and we still are pushing hard to help all that need help. This week was pretty interesting and alright, I was in a lot of interchanges this week. I went to an area called Pedregal on Thursday and Friday I was with Elder Fowler (Zone Leader) in Victoria. I missed my area like crazy! But the thing is that I learn a lot from going to other areas and learning from other missionaries, etc. The thing I learned this week that an ex-missionary and I talked about was to make the mission the best experience of your life. It’s hard, it’s hot, it’s hard to see people not progress, but we can make the mission much more positive. Like being happy, having fun with the mission as well. This called my attention because of another missionary in the district that is sooo serious about the mission. The thing is that when you are preaching to somebody about the gospel that it’s to make people better and happier, shouldn`t we be happy and of good joy? That`s what we talked about and it all kind of clicked in my mind. We have soo much more success when we talk with the people and not recite the first lesson to someone. When we preach of the gospel of happiness, we have so much more success getting down to earth with the investigators rather than trying to be somebody that we are not. Now, what I hope that everyone could learn is that, everyone in this gospel should be happy, should be funny and the gospel isn`t sooo serious. It hurts to try to be so serious to investigators while in a lesson and it’s about happiness when we are not happy. It doesn`t work. Sorry this was on my mind this week because it called my attention and it all clicked this week. Be happy with the gospel, have fun with life because the gospel is about true happiness! Talk to your friends about the gospel, but be real about it and happy. When you are sad or sooo serious, it doesn`t work out with getting the message to their heart. So I have made adjustments to my mission, to take every day of my mission and make it positive. Be funny, happier and look at the brighter ends of everything. It’s 120 degrees outside, but it’s not humid! Haha. I`m losing weight in the mission, but at least I will have space when I return home and eat all the food that I miss! hahaha Sorry I just felt like sharing that with you all because being positive and happy about everything really matters, especially in preaching this gospel. I love you all and I hope everyone is ok! Write me often and I miss you all! Already 17 months left in the mission! Take care!


Elder Justin Powell


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