Friday, July 27, 2012

Justin sounds so happy--not much makes his Pops happier!

This week’s letter is such a great one.  Justin sounds incredibly happy and focused and I can tell that he is serving with a smile on his face and joy in his heart and there really isn’t much more that a dad can ask for. It sounds like his birthday was a blast and that his friends in Rio Bravo came through for him. The only thing I have to complain about this letter is that he first says don’t worry about the safety issue—the news exaggerates and it really isn’t that bad—but then he says that he won’t be afraid to walk through Jersey or Compton now. Seriously, Justin? That isn’t very comforting for your old Pops. Oh well.  To all of you that continue to support my son, you have my most heartfelt gratitude. I can’t express to you what it means to me. Thank you, a million times over.  Remember, “Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible.” Peace and love in your lives.

Hello Everyone! This week was very, very good! I had a very great birthday! I am sure that there were a lot of pictures already published on Facebook, because everyone has been telling me about how they saw my pictures on Facebook. But we had a baptismal service for 2 teenagers named Miguel and Crystel. They were super pumped, but wanted to be baptized on my birthday. So we went through with it, and then this family brought a birthday cake for me and pizza for a little celebration after the baptism. It was super fun!! And then here in Mexico, after they sing happy birthday, you have to bite the corner of the cake. And while I am going for the corner, Elder Pierce, Jose and Nelly push my face into the cake!!! I was shocked but it was funny. It’s a tradition here in Mexico. And then we had a little party, took a ton of pictures and it was a very good day, more because Miguel and Crystel were baptized! And this week we received news that 2 more will be baptized! I was so happy! So baptism tomorrow, and then Saturday!

Justin and Elder Pierce doing to face plant in his birthday cake

Looks like Elder Pierce got him good!

A very happy Justin celebrating his birthday with his great friends in Rio Bravo

Justin's birthday celebration included the baptisms of Miguel and Crystel

Everything is going super well here in Mexico! Everyone right now has this Batman craze right now, and to tell you all the truth, I really wanna see the new Batman and it’s hard to not be able to for another 16 months. But I will push through. The worst are missing the Olympics!!! Please record much of it for me please!!!! Haha! Especially the ceremonies!
Well off to another week of work, it’s hot and it’s sunny, but the work is good! We are working super hard, but there is nothing better than just coming home to collapsing on the bed (after showering of course) haha. I will let you know if I got the packages! The address to send letters and packages is now:
P.O. Box 71
Los Indios, TX 78567-0071
United States
Well I love you all and take care! Be safe and send me a lot of letters because this new address is very secure! And tons faster!

Elder Justin Powell

Hello Family,
Still haven’t received the package yet, but it should be here very soon! Probably later today because the guy goes over twice a week. Well everything continues well. There should be a letter coming soon, and then I will see about a package. Probably the next month, it’s just there is really nothing here in Rio Bravo that is touristic. Not like Monterrey... But I will work something out. Well it sounds like things are going well with everyone and that makes me happy! So if this package comes through, I might need a request of some things... I will probably need more garments and shirts. And, I’d love 2 baseball mitts and balls to play with (from DI). I don't know--whatever you can find. We are bored of soccer and wanna play some good old baseball. Let me know what I can send, but I would love those things right now and some Utah Utes Shirts too, to give to some of my friends here (can be from DI) and my Utah Tie!! Haha I don’t know, you can decide. Jack, keep up the good work buddy! And Noah, don’t let the ladies get in the way of your success! There is a time and a place to worry about them, focus on school!! Hahaha- just kidding. And Katie, I love you sooo much. Keep up the good ballet skills, okay? And all of you as well, I love you very much. And Mom, don’t worry. The drug cartels are not that horrible here. Rio Bravo is very calm and nothing happens here. I promise. We are in by 9 and no later and GOD DOES PROTECT. I don`t know how many countless times I have seen that on the mission, but it happens. The thing is that it is dangerous, but you know how the news blows everything up. One shoot out in Reynosa, and the whole state is put on the news because a shootout in the middle of the night. Don`t worry, I know it’s very hard for you guys because the news really is scary. But we are protected; keep praying for me and everything will be fine. Let’s just say that I am not scared to go through New Jersey or Compton, California at night now! Hahaha I love you all and thank you for your support. Take care and much love!

Elder Justin Powell


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