Monday, September 2, 2013

12 August 2013 Justin is learning some life lessons

Hello Family and Friends, 
Well this week was sort of uneventful. Sorry. Haha. I am asking my companion right now what happened and it sounds like from him as well that nothing much happened either. It was a super fast week and we worked a lot and it was a bunch of the same things. We are preparing 4 people to get baptized this next week and they are awesome! Well we are going to marry another couple again! Haha. But the sister is so happy to get baptized, and really I saw how the gospel was able to penetrate into the family´s heart and help them in their situation. They were struggling big time and they wanted to separate, but now they are trying and will get married. Hopefully everything will turn out well. 
I am still trying to get accustomed to the area and love it, I miss the Condesa. When I was in the branch here in Rio Bravo a year ago, I came to the branch where I am at right now in interchanges like 3 times and didn’t like this area and loved my area Condesa more. But now since I am here, well I am giving it what I got and trying to be very positive. My companion and I are trying to be positive about everything, even when there are bad things. I found this cup in our house and drew a line at the half of the cup. I put it in-between our desks and told Elder Gonzalez that we need to remember this glass and look at everything like the glass half full and not half empty. It’s helped out quite a bit; there has been more progress here. My companion is a perfectionist and can be critical, even when something good happens. Like when we put a baptismal date with a couple of people this past week, and when these people never accepted before, my comp was a bit critical on what were the small defects and hard on himself. Well I am trying very hard to help him out with being positive and he is getting better. I told him today that life sucks. It sucks horribly if we just look at what is going on. If we focus on the now and just float, it sucks. But what makes triumphs in life are the goals and plans we put and our focus on the future and what we can become. When we focus in progress and in the future, life is beautiful because we are always remaining positive and always forgiving ourselves of what are our defects. I told him that I am a perfectionist, but in the mission, there is no perfection at all. Nothing turns out the way we plan, so the mission would be horrible if we were always trying to focus on the defects, but if we focus on the future and but goals and plans every day, we have more success. I had to learn that here in the mission, and we always have to be willing to adjust to circumstances. So we are both learning together, to be more positive with everything. 
Well everything is going great! I love the work still and sorry if this letter wasn’t the best but there are sooo many things to do right now and this week is going to go by super fast too and be eventful. I love you all; I promise more info next week. 
I love you all,
Elder Justin Powell


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