Monday, September 2, 2013

19 August 2013 Sometimes the mission is just...logistics.

Hello Everybody,
How are you all doing? I am doing great. Just enjoying the heat, getting super tan and skinny. Loving life and we are getting the ball rolling in this area where I am at. It’s hard because this branch is full of Sunday members, but we are trying to bring some mission spirit in this area so that everyone starts working and getting referrals. We had some successes in this week with some referrals, but they came from less active members. 
Something cool happened with a less active member this past week. His name is Gregorio and we visited him on Wednesday. He is an ex-missionary, not married yet, is like 26 years old, and we went to his house and he was there. And we invited him to the church to chat and we went. He said that he felt super special and wanted to continue. He was pumped and now he is working with us and he wants to be our branch mission leader because we don´t have one right now. So I am pumped because he wants to work and he has some pretty killer ideas that can help us a ton to have some more success here. We are at a slow climb but now some pieces are coming together and we are getting the things going. 
This past week we had a zone conference and it was pretty special. There was a lot of information shared that helped us a ton to get some things going. We watched the videos on close to the missionary work and how to do the work more efficiently. Well the videos were super cool, if we had members thinking the same way as those members and doing the same things that they do. We have got work to do and we have a bunch of projects thought of:
1) A HUGE map: We went to this print shop and ordered a map of our area about 5´x6´ and it’s huge! And we are going to put with tacks and banners all the members--active, inactive, and investigators. And we are going to use it to plan our days and to present in Branch counsel to show where the presidents of every organization can go to save and help the inactives come to church so that we can have bazillion members at church now. 
2) An X missionary activity: There are sooo many inactive x missionaries! So we are going to do a conference-barbecue, invite our mission president to come talk at the conference, and all the x missionaries are going to present photos and stuff of their mission. So it should be pretty cool how that all turns out. I am stoked for it; it will be on August 30. 
This week rained for 2 days. Well it was pretty crappy what happened. Because in the morning it was super hot and sunny. Oh the sun was horrible. And then at like 4 these huge clouds just came and poured. We were soaked in the rain because we were really far away and where we were there are no trees or anything. So just getting wet, pretty fun. All these kids just playing in the streets getting soaked, taking a bath, and everyone was looking at us like they are crazy... haha. But it was fun. 
Today is cloudy and hot, maybe it will rain? We cleaned the whole house, and now it’s a clean, clean house. Thanks mommies for teaching me some cleaning skills, they come in handy. Especially when there is a house full of spiders and cockroaches! It’s a war against those things, but little by little we are winning. We were remodeling the house quite a bit; we were under construction with the map and the new planning desk that we put up. 
Well I love you all, 21 months completed! Time is flying soooooo fast!! I am now kind of freaking out because there are only 3 months left; I have to do more exercises so that I don’t get off the plane skinnier than a stick and everyone freaking out. Haha No don’t worry I am eating. I love you all and may God bless you. Go to church, it helps and saves your life. :)

Elder Justin Powell


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