Monday, September 2, 2013

26 August 2013

Hello Everybody! Well today is a crazy day because we have to do a bunch of
internet things in preparation for Elder Valenzuela (70) that is coming in
about a couple weeks and we have to do a bunch of predations and studying
so very little time today. But I will send a couple pictures so that you
all are happy! :)
Something interesting that happened is that we are working a ton to
make the branch into a working branch so that the members don’t just go
to church on Sunday, but that they start working in the missionary
This past week we had a family home evening in this less active
member’s house and it was pretty neat. We went and invited this other
family that we are teaching to come to the family home evening and
they live super far away in this neighborhood like 2 miles away from
where we were going to do the family home evening. Well we went for
them and they were all ready, Manuel and Silvia, and their daughter`s
Itzel and Dora. Well we went in bus and that was pretty fun, it was a
super long bus ride but we were just talking about things and it was
fun. And then we got to the house, had the family home evening and it
was very well done by the other family and I felt the spirit. We
talked about the importance of the family and this family was touched
and they now want to get married and do things the right way. I
was impressed. At the end we played a game to decide who says the
prayer, I learned this game from Elder Berrios and everyone needs to
say "yo (I) (a type of metal)" and I started saying "yo cobre" and
no one knew anything about the trick to this game and the trick is
that when one says "yo oro", he or she says the prayer because they
said "I pray" but they thought that they said "I gold". It doesn’t
work in English, but in Spanish it works because ``oro´´ is gold and
pray. Haha.
Well we are off; I love you all and have a great time. Schools back!
Elder Justin Powell


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