Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First Week In Rio Bravo

I know that I didn't have a post on the week of the 18th, but that is because Justin really didn't send a letter.  He was transferred to a new area--Rio Bravo--and his letter was 3 lines long, saying that he was just moving in to his new apartment.  Rio Bravo is an area that hasn't had missionaries for quite a while and Justin was asked to be one of the Elders that open it back up. He was very sad to leave Lomas del Pedregal but he has a great attitude and will do really well. 
The letter that he sent on the 25th wasn't much longer but it did have some good words that Justin will surely want passed along to all who are interested in him and in his mission. He sounds like he is adapting and doing a great job.  I'm a bit worried because he's back on the border but as with his time in Matamoros, I'll try to find peace trusting.  Enjoy the letter and continued blessings to you all.

Hello Family and Friends,
How are you all doing? Well I am doing pretty well so far here in Rio Bravo. I am not going to lie, I am so glad being here for 2 summers is it because it is HOT!!!! Dad I might take you up in living in Alaska because anywhere cold would be soo lovely. Well other than the heat, the work continues! We had a baptism on Saturday with this girl named Nelly and she is 16. It was actually pretty good because of the disappointment I had when president specially changed me to open an area with another elder when we had 8 baptisms for the 30th of June. I really do miss my old area a ton, but this area is pretty good. It is not as bad as I thought. One thing I love about this Branch is that it is very centralized on the young men and women. I think in these days it is so much better to convert the younger generation because it helps them so much in having much more success in these difficult times, and plus it is so hard to try to convert older men and women here because of their traditions in Catholicism and other religions. But that is what I love about this area is the concentration in them and I do believe that is the reason why I changed to here because I love helping the youth out in finding a way out of the holes that they are in and it is soo cool to see the grand changes in their lives. GREAT NEWS!!!! Juan de Dios (Juan in that couple, Juan and Paloma, the converts of Elder Perkes and I) received a calling, 2nd counselor in Sunday School and received the priesthood!!! I was so happy when I received that news!!!!!! I wish I was there with him when he received it! But we will be together in the temple when he goes with Paloma! Great news, right? That is awesome that you are keeping in touch with the ward and please keep showing support to them! That ward, Lomas Del Pedregal is probably my Mexican home ward! haha Well I am sorry time is up, very busy day today, we had to fix the water and other stuff in the house and that is why we are late writing today, but take care all of you and I love you all very much! Stay strong and write me huh? Haha.
And that is soo awesome Jack got to take the field to warm up with the Bees! Please give him a big high five! And give the whole fam a lot of love!

Much Love,

Elder Justin Powell
Map of Justin's new area--again at the border--in Rio Bravo City.

Justin with Nelly and Elder Pierce


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