Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hot Life In Rio Bravo!

Justin’s latest letter shows that he is definitely adapting to life in Rio Bravo.  He called me on Father’s Day and told me of his disappointment because he had received a call from his mission president asking him if he’d be willing to go to Rio Bravo and re-open it to missionary work. He was less than thrilled to leave Lomas del Pedregal area because he had been working so hard and was finally seeing some results.  Also, he had established some great relationships with the Mexican people in Lomas.  I worried, for a bit, about how he’d do but it was needless as it’s apparent that he’s doing great.
Just as a side note—Justin’s 20th birthday is on the 18th.  I’m sure that he’d love to get lots of birthday wishes from all of his friends in the States. As always, you area all amazing and I’m sure that you will continue to rise up and support this son of mine and for that I’m so tremendously grateful.  Peace and love to you all.

Hello everyone!
How is everyone doing? Well I am doing spectacular, just another week flown by and I can`t believe I am sitting in front of a computer once again! Haha. Well this week was a great week. We had a lot of success with meeting some people and as well as teaching a lot of efficiently. We are pretty much settled in Rio Bravo, Except that we need to chisel a hole in the wall in the house to put an air conditioning unit so we don’t have to sleep in our own sweat anymore! Haha Well nothing super different this week really happened, just still working and still pushing along. I have a lot of friends already in this Branch (too small to be a ward) already because they are super nice here! It’s awesome because they didn`t have missionaries here for a little while, but then they put us here and what happened was: A. they had investigators for us to work with already. B. They were really excited to work with us in this work. And C. There are a lot of part member families here and a lot of people that want to listen. It is very pleasant to come from a ward where I was at in Lomas and have a Branch that loves to work as well. My companion Elder Pierce is a very funny companion. He just jokes all the time and is one of the most positive missionaries I have ever met. Everything that is happening good or bad, and if it’s bad, it’s always a positive experience. We had some sad news from the dad of a new convert of ours, Nelly, and her dad didn`t want anything with our church and stuff. But Elder Pierce was still pretty positive and we were still smiling, laughing and all that stuff. So Elder Pierce and I work very well together because even though he is senior comp, he lets me lead! haha Everyone thinks that I am senior comp, but he has always not been one to lead or any of that and I love to lead, so it works out with us. He also had great ideas and so we work super well together.
Well I received sad news about my area before... We had 8 investigators preparing for baptism for the 30th of June that were pretty sure about making this decision and progressing quite a bit, the thing is that Elder Santiago and the new comp over there only had 2 investigators baptized over there on that day. It was sad because we worked soooo hard with those 8 and only 2 decided. So I hope that they can be baptized and even that I can`t be over there working with them, I really do hope that I can see that they were baptized in the very near future.
Well I am out of time... I hope everyone is doing okay! I love you all and thank you for all your support. Take care and God Bless

Elder Justin Powell


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