Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Very Happy Elder in Rio Bravo

This morning, as I wrote to Justin, I was anxiously waiting for his latest letter from Rio Bravo.  Since he moved there I’ve worried about his well being, happiness, and most of all, his safety. Today’s letter put a gigantic smile on my face. He sounds so, so great and that makes me excessively happy as his Pops.  What a treat to read how happy he is becoming and how well he has adjusted. I’m still worried about his safety—he re-opened an area that had been closed because of the dangerous climate near the border. That worry, as a parent, will be hard to overcome.  Lend us your prayers and petitions for his continued safety.
Finally, once again, I thank you for all of the support that you have given to Justin. I know, from his letters to me, that he loves hearing from all of you and appreciates the time you take to write to him.  Please continue—he’s on a roll. Thank you, so much, for all of it. I’m grateful to each and every one of you.

Hola Familia y Amigos!
¿Como Están?
I am doing very well! The mission is very good right now and I think I feel like just went over the hump in thinking only about the time and now loving the work! Well to begin before I forget, I was reading some of the letter that you just sent because I do read
them all, it’s just that its difficult because this time is sooooo rushed and I never have time to write a lot, so I will write a letter today to you because we are 5 minutes to Texas, a lot of Members go to Texas and so easily I can send letters/packages. And you all can send packages to a PO Box of a member that lives here (I will send info next Monday on the address).
So I hope Sister Hinckley is feeling a lot better, please tell her hi and that she is in my prayers. We will fast for her, Elder Pierce and I. My dad wrote to me about the experience that the Hinckley’s had and about how the ward fasted for Sister Hinckley. That is a very cool story, though, the power of fasting. I know it’s real and it has worked a fortune for the mission here in Mexico. And please tell the whole ward that I love them and that I wish the best for them! They are all in my prayers!
So what has happened this week, 4th of July!!!! That is the cool thing with having an American comp is that we get to celebrate the same holidays and talk about the same things like sports and stuff! Pretty cool night though on 4th of July, we got hot dogs and roasted them in the night with a teenager that is going to the mission in 4 months. And we also made coke floats (because they don’t have root beer here), and they tasted pretty great! Just a good American night—I wore this corny golf red, white and blue tie during the day that Elder Pierce had, and it was pretty fun. Also we worked a ton this week! We had a lot of progress with Investigators and we have a baptism this coming Sunday! And a baptism on my birthday! Haha This teenager that we are teaching wanted to be baptized on my B-day! Haha. The mission is fun, I love the people here and I am now really loving the mission! The time is seriously flying soo fast! I am already 1/3 of the way done! I cannot believe it! Well take care and much love! I love you all and write me often ok? I will send that PO Box info that you can send me letters and packages to ok? Thanks for your support and you are all in my prayers!

Elder Justin Powell


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