Thursday, September 19, 2013

9 September 2013--First week in mission office

Hello Family and Friends, 
How are you all doing? I am doing fine and dandy. I am just here in Reynosa now in the mission offices. It’s been a lot of work this past week. It’s quite a bit of work for sure and I am seriously learning a ton! What a different experience from being in the field full time. Well it’s been a good week though, I am in the area San Jose (Saint Joseph Smith haha), Reynosa. 
Justin and the rest of the Reynosa Mission office missionaries

When I got here on Monday, well we were with all the new missionaries. There are quite a bit of Americans this time and it was cool talking to all of them and to see how animated they are to preach. It’s so strange because I remember super well when I was in their position more than a year ago. And when I was talking to them I felt soooo old! They graduated this year 2013! I am seriously old now! :/ Well I do have 22 months in the mission, soo I guess I am old. The other day I hopped in the mission van (2013 Honda Odyssey) and I saw president take his iPhone and make this phone call from the van and with video, and just a bunch of other gadgets that I have seen though.. It’s quite the advance that the world has made and I have to catch up quite a bit...
The great thing about the offices is that there is always food and we eat quite a bit! When we went to the last supper with the Heroes (missionaries that finish), we went to this buffet and it was delicious and as well, we ate with the new missionaries. It was seriously hard for me to eat a lot because my stomach is a lot smaller than before and little by little I will be gaining weight! So I won’t hop off the plane super skinny or anything like that. Haha
Justin and his new companion

The families that I have met are very genuine and I love them as well as all of the families that I have met in the mission. There is this family called the Salazar family and they are very spiritual and so converted to the gospel. One thing I learned yesterday from their testimonies in a lesson yesterday is that they are recent converts of 2 weeks!! I was amazed on how converted and united they are as members of the church because it would seem like that they have been in the church for a very long time! But they shared their testimony about baptism, and trying to help this man to be baptized. It was a very good moment and I was spiritually moved by their example and dedication to the church. They left their home to come to Reynosa from Michoacán (Southern Mexico). They came here with nothing and they found everything when the missionaries talked to them. They shared with us that starting with nothing, they found the greatest treasure, which is the gospel of Christ. They came without jobs, pretty much sleeping on the ground, but still united and changing their lifestyles, they were able to receive the fullness of blessings from the gospel, and are now very happy. It’s a miracle and I am so grateful to my father in heaven that they are in my life. I have met great examples of people and families and I hope my family can turn out as successful as many of the families that I've met. 
One thing that helps a lot for a family to be very united is to do small things together, like eat together, family home evenings and family prayer. I think family prayer in the morning is what sets off the families on the right foot and it’s something that I have learned this past week. It’s a goal that I have to pray with my future family and be united in that way and I invite you all to pray in family and see the blessings. I have seen many miracles and changes from families praying together and it’s a good way to grow closer together. 
Well I love the mission and I love you all. I think they already have my plane ticket bought for the 27th of November. So I will see you very soon because the time flies quicker now with this assignment. May God bless you all and read your scriptures!

Elder Justin Powell 


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