Thursday, April 18, 2013

11 February 2013

Hello Everyone,
How are you doing? I am doing pretty well. Just a little tired. I have to really get accustomed to this whole walking thing now... haha. But everything is doing great. Now it’s getting super hot and here comes hot weather. I think it’s the opposite of Utah because right now it’s like 90 and I bet over there it’s like 10 degrees.
Well things have been going swell with the work. We have some great investigators and we have a ton of work to do now. This past week we had a leadership counsel with the President. All the ZLs and the Assistants have to meet with the President every transfer cycle to discuss issues and hot topics. This last week we discussed a lot about how to put better goals. I learned a ton! Goals are huge acts of faith not knowing what’s going to happen and if we will be able to accomplish them. But they are so necessary in everything we do in this life. It is such a necessity to put goals and to put smaller goals, and to put even smaller goals to accomplish anything in this life. And so we have been trying to apply that very same principle here in the mission and I have seen a huge increase in our work. It was a total success and it definitely helps to be able to set goals in everything in life. And the other part that we learned is that we need to actually COMPLETE the goals. At lunch, I had the privilege to talk with President because he sat by us. He is a super cool guy, he told us many stories, many mission stories from Tennessee, and there was a lot of laughter in the conversation. Something that shocked me is that he saw my picture with me and my afro on my Facebook... Oh how embarrassing. But he laughed and it was super cool talking to him. I will definitely miss him when he goes this July. I will definitely have to keep in touch with him.
Hmm... Today as a zone we are going to play some volleyball. I am not a big fan, but I have to remember that now there are sisters in the zone and we have to do things like that sometimes and not play pure basketball.
Oh some news... this transfer is only 5 weeks long and by July there should be 350 missionaries here, right now we have 160 missionaries. A little over double the mission is going to arrive here. Crazy huh? But that means some bittersweet news for me; I now go home the 13th of November and not the 20th of November. I go home a week early. Well I am excited, but also sad because I have become Mexican and I love it here. It’s a great place and I LOVE the people here. Great culture, great food, you’ll have to definitely come in order to see for yourself. I have soooo many friends here and it will be hard to leave them behind. But I will for sure visit again! 
Well I think that it for this week, should be a good week this coming week. I love you all and I wish you all the best. Take care and God Bless. 
Elder Justin Powell


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