Friday, April 19, 2013

4/11 March 2013 Double Letter and transfer to Nuevo Laredo

In this letter, Justin starts out pretty disappointed about getting transferred again.  He is happy in Monterrey but  is being sent back to the border again.  In the second part, the next week, you can tell that he is much happier and is very happy about his new companion.  He is adapting and showing maturity.  I’m freaked out because he is back at the border in a dangerous part of Mexico but I’m trying to trust…again. Seems to be the theme of Dad’s experience with this mission.
Hello Everyone,
Well I am getting transferred once again... It is because of the mission splitting and now there were transfers in almost every part of the mission. Very weird, but that is how it is to prepare for the mission dividing. Well everything is good, just kind of frustrated about the sudden surprising transfer but its whatever.
I am now going to Nuevo Laredo to open the zone. It was a district that has now been changed to be a zone. And they want me to go train the DL over there to be a ZL. Should be interesting, but I am sort of excited. Just kind of sick of already having 6 areas in the mission and the most time spent in one is 4 months. Haha. I am guessing its training for something in the future. Who knows?
This past Saturday was wonderful! It was Alonso and Adriana´s baptism. It was a part member family that we were teaching. It was very spiritual and it was sooo neat to see how they came to the point of being baptized. Alonso asked that I did the ordinance, and without a problem I did it and it was super awesome. He is the father of this family Cabello Rojas. I also gave the confirmation and it was a very spiritual moment. I am very excited to be in contact with them after the mission. 
March 11, 2013- I am doing pretty good, just here in Nuevo Laredo. It´s right next to the Texas border, pretty much connected to Laredo, Texas. Pretty good place, it’s like Rio Bravo. A lot of good about it. One thing that is very good about this area is that the members are very good people. Very humble and willing to help out with the work. As well as very kind people. I was a little scared at the very beginning, but now I am getting used to everything. A lot of good things happening. I am in the ward Mirador. It’s pretty much in the downtown area, something super cool that we have here is a Papa Johns!!! Oh we had some this past week and it was sooo good! I miss pizza from the states! Haha.
Well this past week we had a lot of work, we are teaching this sister named Silvia, who is going to be baptized this coming Friday. She is this very nice lady who wants to be very close to Christ. She wants more peace in her life. She is progressing very well. 
This week we are going to Monterrey on Tuesday. Should be fun returning to my beloved city. Haha But we are going there for leadership counsel. It will be very interesting what will take place. 
OHH my new comp is Elder Berrios from Corpus Christi, TX. Super smart, good guy. Very good worker, and we get along just fine. 
Well off to a busy day once again, I love you all and I miss you all a lot. See you soon.

Elder Justin Powell


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