Thursday, April 18, 2013

25 February 2013

Justin finds out that his mission is splitting, gets a temporary puppy and continues to grow and develop into such a wonderful man.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of this son of mine.
Hello Family and Friends,
How are all of you doing? I am doing pretty well. Just another week, super fast but good week. 
Well I will get to the news! We have a new mission president this July, and the mission is going to be divided into 2 missions! The missions Monterrey East and Mission Reynosa! So pretty much split in half! So I can say that I have been in the 2 missions! Haha and also, the president in Monterrey East is an NBA Legend, LARRY BIRD!!!! Hahaha (I don’t think it’s the real Larry Bird, but that´s the new mission president´s name. So I am pretty excited for that, should be very cool! And there are going to be a load of missionaries now! Now in every ward it is expected to have at least 4 missionaries in every ward. That is sooo crazy!!! Who knows which mission I will go, but when the missions split, I will only have 3 transfers left... So I will only have a little bit of time with the new mission. 
Well we are teaching this family, Cabello Rojas, and they are super cool! It is this family that my companion was teaching before I arrived. We started teaching them more and more, they actually came to church, and now they are coming to church every Sunday! They are going to be baptized this coming Saturday. Alonso (head of the family), said the prayer in class on Sunday, and he was super active in the class, talking and sharing his points of view. It is very neat to see the changes in people when they come to the church and to see them a month later, totally transformed. That’s why I love this work, is because of how many people change to become better. 
Familia Cabello Rojas with Justin and Elder Larsen

Well funny thing that happened this week. We were contacting a reference that we had. Just sitting there waiting at the door, and this dog comes over. Just this little puppy that came over and it was super cute, we petted her and then we left. And then a block later, the puppy was following us. And it followed us the whole day! All the way to our home, it waited for us outside of houses and everything! So it wouldn´t leave, so we made a bed and gave her some food and water, and she stayed the night. The next day, the same thing! But this time it was right by our side the whole time, not behind us. So then we had to walk through this large market to get to an appointment, and she totally got lost. Poor girl, but oh well. Hopefully she has a good home. 
Justin's temporary canine companion

Well on to another week, we are eating Pizza Hut today!! Gotta love Mexican pizza, I love you all soooo much and thanks for all your support. See you all later!

Elder Justin Powell


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