Thursday, April 18, 2013

18 February 2013 Zone Conference

During Zone Conference, Justin had the opportunity to come up with and present a training session.  He has become such a more confident and generous man and I’m so proud of him.

Hello Family and Friends,
How are you all doing? I am doing pretty good! What a super fast week that went by! Seriously, it feels like just a little bit ago that I was in front of the computer screen. But a very good, productive week. So this week we had a zone training on Monday. My very first time taking part in training a zone, it was pretty fun. We have a pretty big zone; there are 12 Elders and 5 Sisters. There is Elder Larsen and I, Elder Maxwell, Elder Guillermo, Elder Roberts, Elder Chavez, Elder Tenorio, Elder Ramirez, Elder Fawcett, Elder Sandoval, Elder Sorenson, Elder Antonio, Hermana Molina, Hermana Flores, Hermana Hinojasa, Hermana Sandoval and Hermana Arnaud. Pretty big zone right and pretty diverse! It’s a great zone, really fun and we all have a great desire to be here in the mission serving hard. So we had to give a training about how to make better goals, and to make them very specific. So it was something that I had fun teaching. 
Then, we had a zone conference with our zone and the Moderna zone. My comp and I were chosen to give the training for the conference, and President was going to be present. Oh I was super nervous! Haha. But I think I did well, according to President´s comments. We had to give a training on how to help people overcome their doubts, something that I love about this work! I am not a big fan of just teaching lessons, just to get a lesson. But I love teaching for the need of the investigator. I want to make sure that they understand and that they are ready to progress more. It was a great topic, and once again, I was thankful to be giving that training topic. My companion and I came up with an idea for a demonstration, to get box and stringed up candies to a line. We put the candies in the box and filled the box with dirt. One candy was poking out looking like there was a candy just lying on dirt. So we had a volunteer come up, give it a shot, and he was surprised because there was more than met the eye. Lastly, he pulled until he uncovered the biggest prize at the end of the string at the bottom of the dirt. It took a lot of effort but he was able to get the prize. So investigators/people are like that most times right? They look alright, or look interested. But the most important and the objective is how are they really feeling inside. So to uncover what´s inside will take effort, but it would be asking good questions and really listening. And asking questions in a loving/interested way. After that, than teach what applies to that person to kind of melt away that doubt or problem that the person has. Well super interesting was the zone conference. President also gave a training on diligence. It was great! He was urging to work our hardest in everything that we do in this life. It’s a great attribute to have. 
Well it was a good fast busy week. I think this week will be the same; it’s a bit tricky being a zone leader because you are always busy. I don’t want to even imagine how the life of an assistant is like. So stressful it seems like. 
Well I love you and I miss you all! See you all very soon! 
Elder Justin Powell


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