Friday, April 19, 2013

15 April 2013

OK, I know that I completely suck at keeping this blog up to date.  I tell myself that I’m going to do it and then I get busy with work and now baseball and before I know it, another week has gone by. I’m sorry.  I’m sorry because I want to make sure that you are all kept up to date on Justin and his mission and his growth and his activities.
I’ve updated the blog with all of the letters that Justin has sent so I hope that you’ll go back and read.  It’s worth it—he has grown so much and turned into such a kind and patient man. I’m so proud of him as I’m sure you are as well.
Justin is in Nuevo Laredo now.  It’s an incredibly dangerous place…if you believe the news and the information that I found on Google. I’m not happy about it but I can tell that he loves it and that is what counts.
Thank you for your continued support for Justin. I am so grateful.

Hola Familia y Amigos,
How are you all doing? I am doing fantastic. Transfers came in and I AM STAYING!!!! JSo I am happy for that. How have you all been? What is new? How is the spring weather? It is hot and humid here! But I am already Mexican, so I am quite used to it. I am pretty burnt though, so we will see what’s up when I get home about maybe my dark skin falling off or what... haha.
Well this week was Alejandro´s baptism and it was a success! We had a great service for him! He is this 12 year old that has been going to church with his uncle for a long while. And so he is the very first in all his nuclear family to be converted to the church. Pretty cool stuff, because he is very brave and intelligent. I really did think that I was teaching Jack for awhile because he is just like Jack! Pretty shy intelligent Young guy. But it was very cool because at the baptismal service, his whole family came to his service and supported him, even though they don’t agree yet, but they loved the baptismal service. Little by little we will be working with the family.
Alejandro's Baptism

This week we went to a little town called Anahuac, where there are two missionaries working there in a branch. In the branch there is only like an attendance of 10 members and it’s very hard because the missionaries are starting with very little. Building a branch into a Ward is pretty hard. But Elder Berríos and I went to do work in their área, and we had some mad success over there with them. Seriously cool day because we talked with EVERYBODY about the gospel. It was pretty entertaining and they had more success after that day and now they are really kicking some butt over there. I love being a Zone Leader because I like to motivate and animate, and it makes me feel a lot happier when I see the missionaries get pumped and work hard. I love this work!
Nuevo Laredo Zone

Hmmm… Pretty calm week, not a whole lot going on. Last night I was cooking hot dogs on the stove, and the stove is right next to the porch door. I opened the door and I see this cutest little kitten outside, and then I saw two more. Haha and then I gave them a little bit of food, but that was the worst idea because then they were meowing and scratching the door for a long time afterward. Haha funny moment.
Oh and President Walker is now an Area Seventy!!!! That is awesome and I am sooo pumped for him!!!!
Well I love you all and take care, have a great week!
Elder Justin Powell


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