Friday, July 12, 2013

6.10.13 Surprise Visit To The Monterrey Temple

Hellos to everyone,
Well this week was awesome! We went to Monterrey on Tuesday for leadership council with the President on Wednesday. So we left on a bus to take a trip for three hours to Monterrey and got there at night. We spent the night in the mission home and all the other Zone Leaders from the border zones spent the night too. It is soooo weird to see new faces and I never would have thought that I am like one of the oldest in the mission. Ugh where is the time going!!! But the next morning we woke up and got ready for the council, we went to the chapel where we usually have council and to my surprise, the assistants walk in and out like President is not here, he is at the temple waiting for all of us. I was like ``oh my goodness we are going to the temple!!!!
So we took a bus to the temple and it was a blast, I was with all of my buddies, some of my companions from the MTC and others that I have been friends with here in the mission. We took a lot of pictures and I was in heaven because I got to see the beautiful parts of Monterrey.
We got to the temple and we took a bunch of pictures of the temple and of the garden, and it is a beautiful place.
I included a photo so that you can see the temple. We then got greeted by the President and his wife. We then got instruction that we were going to do a session all together. Oh I was soo happy for that too!!! It’s been a long while since last February that I did a session. So we walked in all happy and we did the session. It was seriously such a spiritual moment and it was definitely a huge moment of unity there. It was President Walkers last moment with us in the temple and it was a very uplifting spiritual moment that I cannot really describe. It was a very good moment of the week.
We returned to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico (my area) on Thursday morning. And as we went back to work, everything changed for my comp and I. We had some very good moments this week, It was a very spiritually uplifting week.
One lesson that I learned this week is the essence of making time for God. While in the temple I thought about after the mission and if I will have time to go to the temple regularly or to even read the scriptures like how I have been the mission. It will be a struggle like how it was before the mission. But one thing that came to my mind is that if we make time for God, God will make time for us and what we need to do. Before the mission I didn't really focus on putting God first like I should have. I worried more of what I wanted. But in the mission, it’s pure dedication to God and what I have been getting from the mission is what I wanted all along because of what I have invested in God and what he has given back to me as a reward. After the mission I want to make time for God in my daily life because I know that he will make time for me in whatever else I need to do or whatever else is best for me. I know this principal applies to everyone else of you because you are all my brothers and sisters of the same God. I invite you all to make a time for God every day, even if it is 5 to 10 minutes, and you will see the blessings. And you will want to make more time for God until you get to the point where God is guiding you down a path of complete happiness and protection. Make time for God, and God will make time count for you.
Well that was a lot in my mind, that's what I received as an answer in the temple. Haha. Wow well go to the temple as well, everyone, when you can to get some crazy good answers!
I love you all and I miss you like crazy! Keep serving everyone and making time count in doing the uplifting things. Read your scriptures and act according to what you learn, thats the most important is the acting.
Elder Justin Powell


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