Friday, July 12, 2013

July 8, 2013 Justin sounds amazingly happy!

Hello Everybody!!! Well this past week was pretty good and very crazy with a lot to do!!!! We were running all around Nuevo Laredo all week for teaching, meetings, interviews and just a bunch of stuff. These are very good times. Well first news is that we managed to teach Itzel everything in a week and she is now indeed the fastest baptizing convert I have ever taught. She is a great person and her family is now super pumped to get taught as well! But ahhh this week was sooo fast and with a lot to do to prepare Itzel´s baptism!

Justin baptizes Itzel
Elder Marecos, Itzel and Justin at her baptism
Seriously there was no time to even think of what day it was... haha. But yesterday was an awesome experience and it was a great success. She has a bunch of friends already in the ward and it makes me feel very happy when there is someone new, that everyone is so friendly and wants to get to know the new person. Mosiah got baptized as well and he is super happy because his dad didn’t allow him to until Elder Marecos and I went to that house 2 weeks ago with guns a blazing ready to spiritually make the dad let his son Mosiah get baptized because one, he has been going to church forever, and two there is never a non member named Mosiah. Every Mosiah is a member!! Haha
On Saturday it was my companion’s b-day and Itzel gave him a cake to take to the house and at night Elder Marecos and I sang happy b-day. It was pretty funny because we had no candles or anything, just matches. So I put a bunch on the cake and they were like all connected, and Elder Marecos was lighting them and it was such a big flame on top of this cake. And then after he had to bite a piece of the edge of the cake. Here in Mexico it’s a tradition to bite the cake and usually, if you´re smooth, you can push the guys face in the cake. Well I was taking video with my camera and Elder Mareco´s camera, then I set my camera down when Elder Marecos went in for the bite, and he didn’t notice, and with all pleasure I pushed his face in the cake. YES! That’s 2 comps that I have shoved cake in their faces. :)
Elder Marecos and his birthday cake--pre-face plant
Hmmm... What else? We are trying to get this 18 year old Raul baptized as well because he knows it’s true and at Itzel´s baptism yesterday, he was super happy. But he is just scared... We are going to be patient and loving so that he feels that it is a pact between him and God and not in-between us and him. He is such a cool kid, he is a drummer and he loves music. He says that he likes Metallica... haha. A lot of people here really like the music from the states, but like oldies like ACDC, Guns n Roses, Metallica, and U2, oh and they LOVE the Beatles here. So many shirts and stickers with these bands. Sometimes it’s a struggle to forget the music when you are completely surrounded by it!! But I am managing it. But yeah Raul is awesome!
News from the mission, my mission will not finish until November 27th. The Reynosa mission has been extended 2 weeks. I am happy, I know you all aren’t (well at least I hope you all miss me ;) hahaha), but I’m in God´s business and not in mine. But I am pumped, 2 more weeks of service. 
Love the mission, love you all and I miss you all! Serve your fellow man, make new friends and invite them to Christ! It’s fun to do that because the gospel really converts everyone to better than what they are. Happy July as well, it’s the best month ever!!! haha :)
Elder Justin Powell


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