Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013--Lessons learned from birthday cake

Hello Family and Friends,
Well sadly I am getting transferred again, and I think for the final time. I feel sad every time I get transferred because I love everyone that I work with; it’s sad to say goodbye. Ugh... But I have a special assignment, according to the president, so I will go and do. I am pretty excited too, so it will be fun. According to the assistants, we were having too mad of success and so they want us to split and spread our work habits to other places. It was kind of strange because when a companionship is working super well together, they usually stay together, but now surprise. Haha! But it will be good. Now it’s my 7th area (nobody has 7 areas in their mission) Haha! The longest time I have stayed in an area is 4 months... haha. But I love every one of my areas and I miss them. So now I have gotten to know all the zones in the mission Haha! But here´s to my next and hopefully last area.
This week was my birthday and yes I did get my face shoved in cake... it was unexpected. My companion snuck up on me and...Yep--in my mouth, nose, eyes.
Haha! It was pretty funny and we got 4 cakes. Dang Facebook, everyone sees when it is somebody´s birthday and a lot of the members knew about my b-day and surprised me with cake. So we arrived to the appointments and cake... But it’s all good, nothing like a good headache but I am soo grateful to be surrounded by very kind genuine members of this church here in Mexico that really know how to follow Christ. They are all exemplar to me. I will miss the members and people of Nuevo Laredo; I will for sure come to visit one day.
Speaking about the cake, we had a cool moment. Well it kind of hit me on my birthday. As members we receive, so many blessings. But we also we receive more so that we can give to those that don’t have anything. Well after I had my face shoved in the cake with this family, we left and I had half of this huge cake and I kept thinking ``how am I going to eat all this along with the other cakes?´´ Well at the instance that I thought that, I heard this little frail voice ``would you give me a small piece please?´´  This lady that was in front of this abandoned house, with ragged clothes, and who probably had a hard life, asked for a piece of cake. Well I said yeah and she went inside, brought a plate and this old fork, and while she was getting the stuff, I sat there thinking ``wow well here is what I can do with the blessing that I received in abundance, and give to another that has barely anything; it would make her week probably.´´ Well she brought the stuff and cut half of that cake and served up, I felt awesome and it was a lesson for me. I really did comprehend the scripture in Alma 37:6: Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise. So really it was something super small for me to give that piece of cake to that lady, but for that lady it made her week probably, because she smiled and was happy and I was super thrilled for her. But my point is that it was something very tiny for me to do, and for her it was gigantic. At home I had more cake and it was all fine we were both happy and it was a spiritual moment for us two. So what do we lose to give a little? Nothing. That was a crucial moment for me and these 2 years I give to the mission is really nothing for me in losses, but I come out better and people as well. Because God has given me so much, enough that I have much to give to the people. Every faithful member is in the same situation and I invite all to give a little and make somebody’s day, week, year, or even life. It will make you happy and make the other person happy. Because God has blessed us enough to be blessed and to bless others. Crazy learning lesson for me, I love the mission because every day there is a lesson of life. It’s awesome; everyone able should go on the mish. 
Well I´ve got packing to do, here´s to my (hopefully last) new area. 
I love you all,
Elder Justin Powell

My address is:
PO BOX #71
Los Indios, TX 78567-0071 


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