Friday, July 12, 2013

July 1, 2013

Hello Family and Friends,
How have you all been doing? I have been doing pretty well. This past week was the hottest week ever! Haha it was like 110+ degrees. It was super hot, but it was a great week. We had a ton of success and we found a lot of really good people that want to be a part of the church and receive the blessings. It’s a joy to see that people want to listen and it has been very cool to see that happening. Something super cool happened this past week with one of our investigators.
A couple of weeks ago the missionaries gave us this referral from a contact on the bus. This 19 year old young adult named Itzel talked to Elder Gunnel while the missionaries were on the bus to an appointment. While on the bus, she asked about what the missionaries do and what’s our church. She was interested and all. So the Elders gave us the referral and we went to visit Itzel this past Saturday. When we got there she invited us in, the parents were in the back room because they didn’t want to listen and they are also Pentecostal Christians so even less. Well we chatted to Itzel in her living room and talked about what we teach but we didn’t teach anything really, just kind of talked about how she can receive blessings from listening to our messages. She then started asking many questions about the mission and stuff, and she asked ``could I do what you guys do?" I couldn´t believe what I was hearing!! Well we invited her to church and all, she said yeah and we said that we would pass with a brother to give a ride. So we then asked everyone and no one could of given us a ride!!! So in the morning we hopped on the bus and went to the neighborhood where Itzel lives. While waiting for the bus we call this young guy, Aaron, who is preparing to go on the mission, to accompany us with Itzel since we can’t just be alone with her. So he said he would be waiting at the gas station close to Itzel´s house. On arrival to the gas station, Aaron wasn’t there yet. So we waited and no show still. We were kind of panicking because Itzel was waiting and there was 20 minutes left to get to church. So we said a prayer, my companion and I, and I asked that everything will go well and that we can get Itzel to church. As I lifted my head to finish the prayer, a guy in a shirt and tie hops off a passing bus. It was Aaron!!!! I was seriously shocked because the prayer was like instantly answered. But we still didn’t have a ride... So we are walking towards Itzel´s house and 30 seconds after finishing the prayer walking, sister Vargas passes in her car saying that she apparently ``forgot something in her house´´ and she needed to go home. So she says that she could give a ride. Well we were completely shocked! God just answered our prayer in less than 1 minute. Well we went to Itzel´s house and she was ready and happy. We went to church, Itzel absolutely loved it!!!! She said that she wanted to go to the temple trip on July 20th!!! :O. And a bunch of young sisters in the same age group as her were talking to her and she felt very good in the church. She told a sister that she wanted to get baptized and that she felt the spirit very strongly. Well we hadn’t taught her anything yet and she was like already super pumped to go to the temple!
Well we went to her house later in the evening and getting there, she was crying and said that her mom was arguing with her and stuff about doctrine and we were like NOOOO!!! But she let us in and there were the parents sitting down and we kind of calmed the situation down and started the lesson. The mom shared with us something very spiritual. A couple weeks ago the mom said a prayer asking that her daughter could find the path of God in her life. In those times it was like the daughter was kind of being rebellious. The next day the daughter had come home telling her mom that she met the missionaries on the bus and that we were to come soon to teach her. Well all of the stuff that I said passed by and the mom said in those moments that her daughter didn’t want to be a part of religion or baptize herself in the Pentecostal church, but 2 days just getting to know us and that we never taught anything, Itzel wanted to get baptized!! After that lesson my comp and I were just like flipping out about all that happened yesterday and how God really does work super hard in the mission work. The spirit really does touch people and it amazes me how real this all is. Like I´ve said in the past, I came on the mission without a pure testimony that I would say that I believed in everything of the church. But everything that has happened in these past couple weeks has been amazing me and I know that God lives and he is very active in this work. It’s a complete miracle and we had no part in anything of Itzel and her desire to follow Christ. Now she is preparing to be baptized this Sunday. I have never known somebody that got baptized in 8 days just freshly getting to know the church. Craziness!
Well that was a long story I know but it was very impressive to me and I hope that it helps you all out in your testimonies. I know that prayers are answered and when we are obedient, then miracles happen. If everything was easy, like for us getting a ride from member easily yesterday, then we wouldn’t be learning because in order to rise there needs to be a fall. When we were sooo out of ideas and with a bunch of worry yesterday, we turned to God and stayed obedient, and God gave us a miracle with Itzel. Say your prayers, be obedient in God´s work (Jacob 5:72), and God will bless with miracles. That is my advice to you in these times of trouble, Dad. I know that God will help you, but turn to God first and put him in first place, and you will see the miracles. Pray with faith, Read your scrips, go to church and get active, and you will see the miracles. I can promise you that.
Love this work, here’s to July! I can’t believe that I am old (21 on July 18th). Wow well time flies. I love you all! I will send the address next week for those who want to send cards or anything.

Elder Justin Powell


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