Thursday, July 11, 2013

May 6, 2013 Goal Setting

Hola everybody!!!
How is everyone doing? I am doing spectacular... Just enjoying some hot and then all of a sudden cool weather. Seriously the weather here is soo bipolar! But everything has been good.
We went to Monterrey for a meeting with the mission president to talk about all that has been going in the mission. We learned sooo much!!!!! I learned to make better goals and to be a better missionary J. Haha! We first learned of the importance of working with members; it was very helpful for us because we are kind of struggling with having the members help us now. We learned that we need to have the members look for the investigators. Our focus right now is to reactivate members and help them come to church. So we are working with the bishop and getting members to church, and while we do that, it’s ideal that the members are bringing investigators to church. That is the plan, because the members will find better prepared investigators for us if we work in that way. So it’s a really cool idea, in the perfect world… Of course the people aren’t perfect and so we are struggling a Little. But we are going to keep working at it. So it’s in the process.
We also learned of the importance of fulfilling goals and not just having dreams, but making dreams happen. There is a 4 step process. It goes like this:
1)      Vision                   2)   Goals                     3)     Plans                   4)     Accountability
So Vision is like saying that I am going to lose 50 pounds, or just having the dream. It really can be anything that we want. Goals are what we are willing to sacrifice and now putting a pathway down to achieve the dream or vision. Goals can be big goals, like every week I will lose 5 pounds so that in 10 weeks I lose all 50. Now the third step is what EVERYBODY struggles with, is fulfilling the goals and going with the plans. But the truth is if we plan specifically for every day or even every hour, we can actually fulfill our dream. But the last step is super important as well, we all need to be accountable to somebody like in the example to the 50 pounds, to your trainer, family member etc. And for accountability you should plan how so often are you going to report and to whom.
President Walker said that if we actually go through this process with everything, we will make our dreams come true. One person that we should be accountable to is God as well with everything so that he blesses our plans with success. Wow I learned sooooo much that day and to tell you the truth, that night I just collapsed on the bed spiritually and mentally drained... Haha! Very good day, that day.
On Wednesday night, while we were at the mission offices, the Libertad stake center is right there and there was a stake activity. I saw a lot of familiar faces that day from Lomas del Pedregal (my second área). Oh it was sooo cool; I was sooo happy to see them! It was awesome.
Everything is good, Phone calls on Sunday at 6 pm our time here, I will call Mom first and then Dad and Mom second at 630 ok? We will talk for a Little short time, but you guys can last 6 more months to wait for ALLL the mission stories that I have. We will have to connect my camera to the TV when I get home and just go through all the photos. It would take like 2 hours because I have a ton! But it’s all good.
I love you all and be safe! Work hard and fulfill your dreams!!! I hope my letter helped some of you to achieve your goals and make your dreams really come true! Love the work, invite everybody to go to church as well! J

Elder Justin Powell


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