Monday, January 7, 2013

12 November 12

Hello Family and Friends,
Kind of a bad P-day. Pretty sad with my great aunt passing away and all. But things will get better. I hope that all my family is doing okay with the loss and that you all may find peace. 
Well my companion is Elder Perez from Tijuana and he is a great missionary. He has a great desire to have a lot of success! So it has been a very good time with him. 

Justin's new district

Super funny experience happened yesterday, Juan`s baptism was planned at 11AM, but the power went out in all of Valle Hermoso, and it wasn’t going to return until 6 PM. But we hadn’t filled the baptismal font yet, and with the power out, we couldn’t fill it any further. So the ward and we Elders planned the baptism at 8PM!! Hahaha but the power returned after church, but we already announced the baptism at 8 PM, so we still had it at 8 PM. So we had a night time baptism for Juan. It was an experience that I will never forget, it was very spiritual and a great experience. 
Juan's baptism

Well today is super busy because my son (mission term for companion in training) is still getting used to the area and mission and we still have a lot of things to do right now. But I love you all and I miss you all like crazy! Take care and much love. 
Elder Justin Powell

P.S. - Here`s to another year of mission work, I can’t believe that I will be going for a year on November 16th!! Love you all 


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