Monday, January 7, 2013

Justin passes the 1 year mark -- 19 November 12

Hellos to all!! RIP Aunt Karen, we will see you again Aunt Karen. I hope you are all well and feeling peace. We will see her again after this life.
Well today is very good! Now I am in the downside of the hill in the mission after last Friday. It is soooo bizarre how the time has flown by. Just remembering a year ago in the MTC, like if it was a month ago. And saying goodbye to my family like if it was only a month ago as well. It is soooo weird, and the weirder thing is that I have a year left and now I am freaking out because of how short of time is left and how much work there is still left and just crazy... But this year is going to be magnificent and I am excited to work in my final year, but stronger and harder. Ahhh and as well, I don’t know if I will be able to speak English when I get home, I am seriously losing my English skills!!! I cannot talk anymore. I am giving an English class in church for the members and all for free, and there are many times when I have an accent, or I forget a word. It’s a struggle, but it will be very funny when I return home not being able to speak English well. Dad you`ll have to help me out with translating for me haha. 
This week was great; my son (companion in training) is growing up. He`s growing his wings, and it can’t make a dad any prouder than to see his son grow. Haha. I guess I am finally understanding the joy of being a father, but I won’t be applying my fathering skills for a long while after the mission haha. 
We burnt the shirt this last Friday, just like tradition, and it was pretty funny. It went up very fast in flames. Too bad I can’t send video because it’s a large file, or else I would send it, but it was entertaining. 
Burning the shirt at 1 year

Justin and Elder Perez after the shirt burning

Several spiritual experiences this last week, we found this lady named Maria Ezequiel, and she is so chosen. She will be marrying a member soon, but she has a huge desire to learn and to be baptized and to change her life. It gives me great joy that we find people like her because I can really see how the gospel is a huge blessing in our lives. She gets sentimental in her prayers and all because she knows that she can leave her life behind and become a new daughter of God very shortly. And when I see that in the lessons, it grows my testimony in this gospel because I see people like Maria and others change their lives for the better because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So I am pretty solid and happy! I hope every one of you is happy as well and that you may have a great Thanksgiving. I miss you all like crazy and I hope for the best for every one of you. Stay strong and stay safe. I love you all!

Elder Justin Powell

Daniel Morales (to Elder Justin Powell)
1721 Midlane Dr.
Harlingen, TX 78552
Send me letters so that I can see how you are all doing!!!


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