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3 December 2012

¡Hola Familia y Amigos!
¿Cómo están? First of all I want to wish Jack and Noah a HAPPPPPYYYYYY BIIIRRRTTTHHHDDDDAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you had a great day on your birthdays and that you were both very happy!!!
So the mission is awesome still!! Yesterday was seriously a magical day! We have been teaching this guy named Max for months and he has had missionaries in his house teaching ever since his wife was baptized. He has attended church constantly, has listened to many missionaries, and has never had a desire to be a member of the church and be baptized. Well we talked to him for a long while yesterday, and his wife was present as well sharing her testimony and it was very spiritual. After a couple of hours of talk and testimonies, he finally had a strong desire to do it and he wants his son, Omar, to baptize him on the 14 of December!!! I was shell shocked, because he is very, very hard to convince and I know that God did everything in the lesson because there was no way that just our words would`ve convinced him to do something like baptism. Well now he accepted and we are super-duper happy!!!
The Christmas devotional was awesome!! Even Max and his family came and he was feeling very good. He even became convinced that Thomas S Monson is a prophet of God. Very good day!!

Max and his family after he commits to baptism

Well it’s hot in Mexico! It is super weird to have a hot Christmas, but it will be an adventure! Haha. I think it will turn cold soon. In the mornings it gets chilly, but in the afternoons, the sun is cooking! But there are days when the clouds roll in from the north and bring this cold. Weird weather here, just very extreme!
Well thanks for everything! I love you all and I hope that this Holiday season is magical for each one of you! Stay strong and remember the importance of this holiday season, to serve one another and show that true love of Christ. I promise if you serve your fellow man this Holiday season, you will receive many, many blessings this holiday season!
I love you all and take care,
Justin gets a visit from special friends--la familia Solis
Elder Justin Powell
Berenice's baptism
¡¡¡Enjoy las fotos!!


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