Monday, January 7, 2013

Max's Baptism - 17 December 2012

Hello Everybody!!
Well this will be a short letter for this week, a lot to do today. But we will be calling on Sunday the 23rd of December, at 5 pm and after. We don’t know the set hour but that’s what will happen. So prepare yourselves for the phone call :). 
Everything is golden, Max`s baptism was very good! It was super spiritual!! We spent all day preparing everything for the baptismal service and then it started at 7pm. We ordered a cake and we put up a TV as well in the sacrament room. 50 people came to the baptismal service and it was super powerful. The best baptismal service I have been to just because of how excited the whole family was and as well as Max and his powerful change he had. 

But Elder Perez and I are continuing very well with the work, we only have 6 weeks left together and how the time flies soooo fast!!! But its super cool, the memories we have together. Well I love you all and I hope everything is going well. This email is dry because of the time, but we will talk this Sunday on the phone! :) 
Elder Justin Powell
P.S. - Please be careful in school Jack and Noah.


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