Sunday, January 27, 2013

21 January 2013

I didn't get a letter from Justin for two weeks--we ended up just chatting online together and he didn't get a letter written.  Transfers were this week so it will be interesting to see where he ends up--I know that he's hoping to go back to the city in Monterrey. As you all can see, in this letter, he continues to do well and is staying very busy.   Thank you for your continued support and love--the letters and good thoughts.  I appreciate it and know that he does as well.

Hello Family and Friends, 
How are you all doing? Well it’s been a couple of weeks but I am doing well. Time definitely flies by crazy fast. Transfers are in a week and Elder Perez and I are super worried about who is going to go. It’s a crazy situation because there are 30 missionaries that are entering the mission and the mission needs trainers, I could probably train again. Who knows? Only God knows right? But I would love to stay here for 3 months more because as well as my past areas, I love my area. I love it here in Mexico, now I feel so accustomed to the culture and the life here, even some people are saying that I am now Mexican! Haha. But I really do love it here in Mexico, and I will be terribly sad when I leave here. But I am excited to be on Facebook after to talk with all of my friends of Mexico! :) 
Right now we are teaching a lady, Maria Teresa, who is going to be baptized this coming weekend. She has been taught for about a year, but has had many trials. Now she is fronting her trials and being strong. She is single with all of her 4 kids already in the church (my converts Alicia and Angel) and she is the only one left to enter into the church. So I am super excited for the family! Super stoked! 
Well this week is an awfully busy week! SO I am excited to get to work! I believe that they changed the return date 2 weeks earlier to return home... Well now I have almost 9 months left... :/ How the time flies super quick!!! Well here’s to an awesome 9 months!! :) 
I love you all, I am still waiting for your replies!! Haha Take care
Elder Justin Powell


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