Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Justin is a Zone Leader!!

This is a short letter this week—it’s transfers week and Justin is being transferred back to the city of Monterrey.  The big news is that he has been assigned to be a ZONE LEADER!!  How awesome is that!! I’m so excited for him.  His new companion is Elder Larsen and he’s excited to be teaming up with him. He mentioned to me on Monday that he wished, to himself only, that he would finish his mission as a ZL in Apodaca and he was astonished that his wish appears to have come true. He sounded great, very happy and energized and motivated. He will miss his friends from Valle Hermoso and Rio Bravo but he’s thrilled to be heading into the next great adventure. 
As always, thank you all for your support, love and kindness—for your letters and notes.  They buoy him up and give him tons of happiness.  Peace and love to you all.  You have my gratitude.

Hello Everybody,
Well this is going to be a quick letter because today are transfers and we’ve got a lot to do! I got transferred to Apodaca to be a zone leader. It will be pretty fun; I really wanted to go there to work! Apodaca is in the city Monterrey and it will be super cool to be there. I am super sad like always to be getting transferred out because I have really come to love this place! It is a great area and I hope that I don’t go crying from here! Bittersweet times but I will for sure stay in contact with the people of Valle Hermoso. Well off to do the goodbyes and the last things. I love you all and you can still send things to the Harlingen address. It’s a lot safer to send them that way. I love you all and take care! 
Elder Justin Powell

P.S. Sorry that I haven`t sent photos; this computer is kind of acting funny so I will see what I can do next week. 


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