Thursday, April 18, 2013

4 February 2013

Justin is back in Monterrey and is Zone Leader. He sounds very, very happy!

Hello Family and Friends,
How are you all doing? I am doing great, just here in Apodaca with a ton of work! I am with Elder Larsen, he is super cool and he is from Alpine, Utah. He is my first companion that is taller than me. It feels so weird now being the short guy. But when we are walking around, we are pretty much two towers now... haha. Elder Larsen is super funny and a good worker. We are getting along super great together.
Apodaca is a cool zone, it’s a lot of work being a zone leader, but it’s a little less than being a district leader. We just have to deal with a huge zone of a lot of missionaries and sisters with their problems and all. Like this last week, a pair of sisters opened an area (brand new to an area), and they haven’t had water or power for the whole week! What a mess that was but this Tuesday, all should be fixed. We`ve got a big zone to cover, but a lot of animated missionaries. Super excited to work here!
We have a super nice church building here; I believe it’s as nice as the church building next to the temple. It’s a big stake center! And get this, to my surprise, there is a wood basketball court inside!!! I am soooo excited to play again! There are no wood courts in Mexico! The only one in Monterrey! Haha
We`ve got a lot of investigators here in the area, a lot of people wanting to listen and learn about the gospel. It’s such a small area, but there are a lot of people here. So I am super happy to be here. Still lost in my area because it’s a maze, but I will get to know it well pretty soon. Super excited to be here and to keep working hard. 9 Months to go, but with a lot of work to do. 
Well I love you all and take care! Write me lots, and keep sending to the Harlingen, Texas Address! 
Elder Justin Powell 


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